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More modern ZZR fairings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by snipa84, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Could be old news, but as a ZZR owner (sort of, shes still in aussie...) this is the first I'd seen of this:

    (Found the link at Ninja250.com).

    What do people think? Personally theres just something about it that makes it look tacky, like a china bike.

    That nose isn't so bad though, but the lights look a bit odd - something like CBR 600 RRRRR headlights in there would do the trick I'd reckon. The rear light is horrid, although the rear does look a lot slimmer than the fat arsed look of a stock ZZR.

    Anyway, I just found it interesting, thought I'd share.
  2. All looks good to me.
  3. I agree it does make it look Chinese. Those paint jobs are shocking.
  4. i think its just the paint job is shit
    With a good one it would look the shit
    shit is my word of the day
  5. Couldn't see any indicators incorporated into the design, althought shouldn't be too hard to add.
  6. The rear has indicators integrated into the brake light - never been a fan of integrated blinkers myself.

    Indeed, they have painted over the front indicators on the repsol esque and black green machines there, but you could leave them there.

    Either way, you have the bit of the (ZZR stock) fairing that comes out to hold the indicators, the fairing then narrows back in to meet the stock nose, but the after market nose just back out again to give it a sports bike look - I think it's this part of the design that looks a bit weird. Not much they can do about this though, given you're saving cash by using your old side fairings. Perhaps using GPX fairings (assuming mounts are the same?) would help here? Would probably just look strange somewhere else then though.

    Agreed, the paintjobs are rubbish. ZZR's always look better in a one colour type scheme IMO.
  7. Paintjobs = dodgy. A better paintjob would look much better.

    Not so sure about the middle fairing section's "lumps" where they've painted over the front indicators. Other than that they're ok. Probably cheaper than stock too.
  8. not too bad. i think the tyga kits with the "r6?" type fronts are a slightly more attractive job. but maybe there's heaps more around for zx/zzrs if ya look intently. like intently, so i don't have to satisfy my curiousity with hard work :p
  9. Thats Cool - But really not worth wasting the money on it!

    Nice find!

    Agree with the shitty paint jobs
  10. they look not bad, much cheaper than the tyga kits

    wish i knew about em before i bought some fairings from kwaka