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More LAMS question and more!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Squiggly, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Before I get started, I have read a lot of other posts and I don’t need to be told to use the search button :) I have a few questions that I haven’t been able to find answers or a direction for. I’m looking forward in joining this forum and sucking all the great knowledge from everyone :)

    Well let’s get started, I’m 23 of age and going for my bike learners this weekend, I’m 80kg and 176cm. For the last month I have been doing a lot of research on which bike I should buy, and I am struggling, well what am I after?
    I recently never been interested in owning a bike (but love all things with a engine), I threw all my money at my M3 but it’s costing way too much to gain a extra .1sec now, but last year my favourite brand made a super sports bike, I knew I had to own one, BMW S1000RR.
    I can’t just jump into one, I know that. So I’m looking for a bike that gives me a riding position that of a proper super sports bike so I can learn the feel. I have also been worried if I buy a 250cc I will have to ring its neck to get anywhere, I am worried about doing that as I feel I won’t learn proper throttle control when I come to get a more powerful bike. Would I be better off getting a heavier bike to get use of weight and learn how to throw the bike around corners the right way? I will have to be a LAMS for 15months which I am looking forward too, I feel it would be better to upgrade from 250->600->1000 instead of jumping straight to a 1000cc off your P’s sounds insane. Thoughts?

    The bikes I have narrowed it down too,
    Honda CBR250RR – a lot of parts, reliable, powerful 250, but seems expensive for such an old bike.
    Kawa Ninja250 – Newer, warranty, but heard mix reviews and less power than CBR
    Yamaha FZ6R – Bigger bike, newer and from what I read can be easily modded to un-restricted it and put it back easy when resell it. (Am I wrong?) mod the plate blocking the throttle.
    Kawa Ninja650RL – same pro’s as FZ6R but I heard unresistricting it is expensive and can’t be reversed.

    I was looking at a RS250, I know they aren’t LAMS but I thought it would worth the risk as it is a proper size frame and power. But needs constant rebuilds and can be costly to maintain

    Any other bike that I have missed that would suit my needs?
    I will try all and see what suits my body needs and feels comfortable.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. In my opinion riding a bike you aren't licenced to ride is not worth the risk. You won't be able to get any insurance. Actually, I'm not sure how you would go about registering it as that requires CTP insurance and I don't think they'll give that to you.

    The same goes with derestricting one of those restricted ones. Once you derestrict it, it no longer fits the registration papers and the RTA won't alter the model number of a vehicle to match the derestriction. So even if you are licenced to ride it at the higher power, if you have an accident and they find it has been derestricted, insurance companies will not cover anything.

    You may find that once you're a rider that what appealled to you before, is no longer the most appealing bike for you. There is no need to limit yourself to a bike now because one day you want to ride xxxx. Just go and sit on some of the options and pick the one you find most comfortable.

    Good luck with your pre learners :)
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  3. You really need to sit on these bikes and find out which is the most comfortable on to sit on.
    In the 1st 3 months dont even think about de-restricting your bike while you learn to ride. you need bike skill bike skill bike skill. Not power power power.

    The ristrictions on the bike are not like you will be stuck to a 80kph limit all these bikes will do 100kph easy enough and get you to where you want to be.

    Again dont worry about the ristrictions and just learn to ride. The bike will hold its value a lot better if you dont make any modifications too them.
  4. CBR250's are expensive because they are very well designed machines. To put things into perspective for you, they cost $10 grand in 90s money compared with the 6-7 for a Ninja today. It will also give you the best training for a sport bike as it has an aggressive riding position, inline-4 engine and decent handling. Ninja 250 is a two cylinder commuting bike with an upright position.

    You might be a little short for it though, so I would suggest looking at the Kawasaki ZXR250 as well, which is virtually the same bike but larger, has more adjustable suspension and is potentially newer (they were made till 2003, last CBR's were made in 96).

    RS250 isn't LAMS, but when people say they need constant rebuilds, its only every 30,000km or so, and costs about $200 if you do it yourself.
  5. If that's the reason for getting a bike then you might want to think again... There is nothing really that you can learn on a larger bike in the first 12 months compared to a smaller one... If you intend doing a fair bit of riding on freeways etc, then consider a 400cc+ bike.

    Either way, go get your learners which will help get the first feel for a bike and see what you think after that.
  6. Which state are you in too, that can matter.

    If you want a BMW to start with, you could try the F650 single which makes an excellent first bike. It can easily sit on speeds higher than an average 250 will, it has an excellent resale value and makes a good long distance bike and a superb commuter. (It will even do better in the twisties than many "sports" bikes)

    Don't worry about wanting a "sports" riding position - you'll find you can adapt riding positions easily once you have experience. What's important is to gain experience in basic control and you'll need a whole new situational awareness that's quite differnt to what you have in a car.

    If you want to go from your P's to a bike like the big Beemer, then do so, plenty of people do - but first get some serious training - go to the Superbike school or similar to get some idea.
  7. Then why not just buy the S1000RR?

    The 5/600cc bike is where you want to be looking, pick one that you can live with & go from there, you can't really go wrong with any of them.
  8. If he wants to learn how to ride a sport bike then a inline 4 would be the bike for him right? If money isn't an issue, the RVF400 is the ultimate LAMS sports bike. As for power, the CBR has plenty and you need smooth throttle control as with any bike, rolling on the power smoothly is just as important on smaller bikes.
  9. Hey dude,
    Always worth looking into the bike suggested here. Make sure you research them well i.e. professionally written reviews, go find somewhere that will let you sit on em and test ride. BIGGEST mistake you can make is going off someones opinion on here as you will end up overlooking a decent bike because half a dozen opinions say theyre shit and you may end up with a lemon because other people will tell you theyre great bikes. Just make sure you do your research and good luck.
  10. Maaaaaaate. Maaaaaaate.
    I hope you have money to burn.
    Being a learner you will always be close to your limits. And like all of us you will stuff up and drop it.
    First bike does not mean you have to own it forever.
    Just long enough to get your confidence and riding skill level up to av.
    And you learn how to maintain your bike.
    If you learn these two things strait up... motorcycling is not to expensive or painful.
    If the government was serious about motorcycle safety they would just give you a Spada for six months instead of going through L's and P's.
    Get something simple. Something you can work on. And something you can get your money back on.
    Then by the beast.
  11. Sit on as many as you can. When you've got your L's, try and ride as many (LAMS) bikes you can.

    Buy the one you like the most. If you are buying second hand take someone who knows about bikes with you, failing that take it to a reputable bike mechanic to get it checked (not the dealership where you are buying it).

    What you buy and ride at the begining of your riding career doesn't really matter. You will, over time, work out what you like and what you don't like.

    I started on a GN250, an old cruiser style bike. 15 years later I ride a Bandit 1200 and hate cruisers with a passion.

    I wouldn't recommend owning/riding a bike you are not licensed for. There are lots of ramifications for you (and 3rd parties) if it all goes pear shaped. But you are over 18 and should be capable of making your own decisions.
  12. Hey,

    Well the learners permit done with ease, i was expecting more too it. My last experiance i had was like 6 years ago on a mates KTM450 setup for motard, and little 80's and 125's bush bashing when i was a kid.

    I have been sized up in safety gear and deposit, waiting in the store. What you guys think?


    I have been doing alot of research on bikes and i think i have narrowed it down.
    CBR250rr or ZX2R
    I have been reading about people doing engine swaps when the bikes are like 30-60k km's as the engines are flogged out, im alittle bit worried about that as alot of the bikes forsale are in those km's. should i be concerned?
    I would like too buy the bike privately as i can save like $2000 but i don't know what to exactly look for? bearings in steering frame? chain and cogs stretched? engine rattle?
    Should i just ask the seller for a RWC, but lets be honest, RWC cant predict whats 200km's away.

  13. I'd personally avoid a CBR250RR if iwas you. i also wanted one when i was looking at bikes but every single RR i found had either been thrashed to buggery or the guy selling it was asking way more then its worth & refused to budge on price. Your either gonna end up getting ripped off or buying a bomb with a RR. I ended up buying a kawasaki GPX250 (more conservative looking ninja) & it still has plenty of power & is fun to ride & was dirt cheap.
  14. ninja 650rl isn't a sporty riding position, idk about the rest.
  15. CB400 goes pretty fast and is naturally on the limit of power to weight for a LAMS bike, ie no restrictions messing with it. You also have to rev it get to the power so it might be suited to thrashing (like your M3). I was going to get one but the servicing costs were too high and the VTR250 I rode at my learners course was so comfy I bought one of them.
  16. You want to ride an S1000RR when your off your P's?

    Thats fine, but you should get yourself a good learner bike so you can practise sports riding properly before you get it, otherwise you will either look like a fool or hurt yourself.

    Pretty much these are your options:

    Motard - I dont know much about Tards as i dont like the way they look, probably not a good starting point before an S1000RR because you dont ride them the same way you do a normal sports bike, body position etc is different.

    CBR250RR - Very very very good bike, find one in good nic and it will be perfect for teaching you sports riding techniques, perhaps if you want very good speed consider losing about 15kg, not being harsh, its just the truth, i lost 45kg so i could ride my bike (which is essentially the same as a 250RR)

    If you dont feel like losing weight, go for a RVF400, pretty much as good as (ive also heard, better) then the 250RR but with more power and torque so it will cope with 80kg better.

    Dont consider much made after 1999, new learner bikes are no where near as sports focused as the 250RR (and its mates from the other big 4 jap bike companies) and the RVF.

    Dont bother with the restricted 650's either, they arnt that crash hot and in order to get the best out of them you need to illegally derestrict them, which brings on insurance issues etc that you really dont want in your life.

    Also do some track days, advanced training, and perhaps even look into getting a track only 600cc jap bike or something while your still on Ps so you can be highly skilled before getting on the road on the S1000RR.

    Oh and avoid the Ninja 250, its a pos.
  17. Hi Anthony,
    My best advice on LAMS bikes is to go out there and test them all - ask the shop dealer to take it out for 20-30mins at a time and try to fit in a couple different bikes within the day to gain the best feel for them... cause that's what i did and so many of my mates too.

    I am new to the road sense of things but not new to bikes themselves and have found that in the weeks i have got my bike - nothing is what it seems and your comfort zone will be pushed and tested. All about be a Learner rider.

    Best of luck & safe riding.
  18. Look, it's clear what you want.

    Just go out and buy an RVF400. It's the sportiest bike you can get under lams. It'll keep up with your M3, if you're really worried. once you start riding you will, however, realise how pathetic cars are and will probably be perfectly satisfied with whatever you buy.

    RVF400 has the sportiest position (it and FZR250/CBR250R/RR and ZX2R but has a clear displacement advantage which, i gather, is what you are after) is arguably the quickest and should look how you want it too.

    Clearly you have a bit of cash so you can easily afford the 7k to buy a good one.

    Edit: I also am pretty much the same build as you and my VFR, tho not identical to the RVF is pretty damn similar and you'd be quite comfortable on it i would imagine. Go and try one. And they're not slow.
  19. He said it much better then me, but its what i was trying to say
  20. ok update,

    found out you can't have links in posts on these forums, so alot of double posts will appear soon and another thread lol

    I got the L's alot easier than i thought, since the last time i hoped on a bike was in 05 KTM450? something setup for motard, can't remember. The law should change and get the people out on the road (thats another topic)

    The only reason i mention power is, i have read alot about lack luster and people just not being satisfied and finding it dull after acouple of months, and i beleive being underpowered is a hindrance on traffic/freeways is just as dangerous as someone speeding. But im open for input.

    Slowly buying gear,

    shoei xr1100 (amazing feel)
    alpinestar 1-R jacket
    Dainese redgate gloves (really comfortable)
    draggin jeans
    haven't got boots yet as the guy said wait till the bike and will fit them then
    spent 4hours trying on so much stuff, was exhausted by the end of it.
    I went with what felt comfortable

    i wont be getting a 1000 off my P's unconnected, it seems crazy to me, ill work into a 600 then a 1000. but ill cross those roads later down the track. I want to learn the right ways, and be a safe as possible. Its like when I race around track days with my car, i took/spent alot on driving schools and get the best out of myself, im planning to do the same on the bike.

    oh BTW guys, It's not a fancy M3, its only a E36 (its OLD) hehe, but when you slap a snail to it, it goes great :D

    As for bike, i haven't been off the computer in my free time, reading and researching, i will be trying acouple this weekend. But i have to remember, i will be only on the first bike for 15months. A friend offered me a GT250R with 3k on the clock for $2000(i know a chinese thing) its not really what im after, but seems way to good to pass up. and i have too keep tell myself, its my first one. thing will happen.

    still weighing up every option and best route that will suit me.

    Thanks for the replys