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More issues, this time electrical!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cmarico, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. 2001 ZZR250.

    So after my oil issues which were resolved last week - my dash lights have decided to stop working!

    Headlight works, as does tail/brake lamp. Oil pressure, L/R turn signals and high beam lamp work. Tacho and Temp gauge are functional - however there are simply no lights to illuminate the speedo/tach/temp gauge. And the Neutral light has stopped working as well.

    Doing some of my own investigation, I've checked the fuses and they appear ok, as does the connections (cleaned with some electrical contact cleaner). Checking voltages at the plugs however and it appears that there is no voltage to the Green and Brown/Black wires - every other wire gets ~12v.

    I'm at a loss, and don't really no much more about electronics. I've had a crack at reading the electrical diagram for my bike but I've come a bit unstuck (I'll try and upload it in case anyone here has a bit better idea). Does anyone know a decent auto-elec for bikes? I'm in the Berwick area in VIC and the bike is currently in bits in my garage, so having someone come out that isn't going to cost me a grand for this would be great.

    I've tried to be as detailed as possible, but I'm at a loss as to where to turn to now.

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  2. That wiring diagram looks like it's pretty much identical to the GPX, and there's some easier to read diagrams for that here:

    Since you seem to have ruled out a dodgy fuse or connector the other possibility would be a break in the wiring itself. Try setting the multimeter to measure resistance (ohms) and check between the dash connector and the fusebox end of the wiring (you might need a length of wire if the leads aren't long enough). If you can't get a reading then there's your problem (you could also try checking for voltage at the fusebox end of the wire).
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    It is a common ground for a lot of the dash. You don't specifically say if the left and right turn indicator lamps on the dash work, you say the indicators work. So a specific question is, Do the High Beam indicator light and the left and right turn indicator lights om the dash work?

    If not then I would be looking ay the ground circuit (Black and yellow wire), if you do work then it could be the gloves have just blown. Try JDs suggestion above it will give you an idea in where to go.
  4. if im right post me a bottle of red .

    check fuses properly with a test light or if thats too
    hard swap em out anyway
    and be grateful
  5. Phil01, checked all the fuses with a test light, they're all fine.

    cjvfr, both indicators and high beam indicator on the dash work, as well as oil pressure light.

    jd, going to check for resistance this afternoon. Will post back.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  6. Maybe blown globes then, can you remove the globes and test them? Globes blowing at once can happen but often it is a sign of overcharging and the regulator allowing the voltage to rise too high. To eliminate this measure the voltage across the battery when revving the engine, it should be around 14.5 volts.
  7. Can't win eh? Nothing useful to add to the above, just adding commiserations lol. Good luck!
  8. Cjvfr, swapped the globe with a known good globe, still nothing. Pit that globe into known good circuit and it lights up.

    Checked resistance but really found myself out of my depth. Put it back together and she'll be off to an auto electric this week.

    Mr messy, cheers haha

  9. Let us know what they find.
  10. Just a thought... voltage spike.. and possible shorted your dash cluster ? is it full electronic. or is it older style m/bike ?