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more inaccurate reporting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. The police and the heraldsun are on the warpath,
    Aside from the bloke killed on the GOR what annoyed me was the rest of the article regarding the unlicense rider not wearing "safety gear"
    No indication of what safety gear is

  2. Wise! That's an exciting bit of news.

    So, according to the TAC ad, 3000 police would be involved in a major blitz...and they managed to snare a few hundred. I'd say they need to give us all bloody pat on the back for overall good behavior!

    But it IS noteworthy that they seemed to focus on the "safety gear" angle.
    And what wa unroadworthy about the bike. They deem bikes unroadworthy for having a number plate mounted at the wrong angle!

    So where are the facts, then? Ignored and irelavent because they get in the way of drama!

    How many bikes caught out compared to cars?

    It's seems evident that the Gestapo is eager to turn riders into trained monkeys like they've managed to do quite well with car drivers!

    Arghhh!!! Feck it, just enjoy the riding while we stll can, to a point.
  3. So what percentage of those 117 were motorcycles I wonder, or was the unlicenced rider the only one?

    Making an issue of riders not wearing gear that isn't legally mandated is ridiculous, if you allow people the freedom to choose then you can't complain if they do something different to what you want. If they want to go that way then how about they start pulling over every 4wd and wagon with unsecured items in the back which could cause serious injury to occupants in the event of a crash. While they're at it, why not harass drivers sitting too close to an airbag, or with their hands in the incorrect position on the stearing wheel, etc. At least motorcyclist are aware of the risks.
  4. It was a blitz on hoons, and unregistered/illegal cars and bikes. Also the unlicenced. Not directed at just bikes. It was for everything and one on the road. 3,000 police for just bikes. What a joke. Talk about liberal use of the english language and stretching the truth.
    What a load of shoite. Bloody reptiles/reporters.
    Bombard the inbox of the hearald sun till they stop this crap. They are worse than the Enquirer.
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  6. Just read that one, two motor cyclists only were mentioned,
    The drunk was in a car,
    It doesnt sell papers if you dont stretch the truth,
  7. Sorry, my apologies I am amazed.
    Well someone is going to get their bottom smacked for that one for sure. LMFAO. They have to account for the bottom line ($$$) like every one else. And that one would have cost a fortune. Oh well they will just stick up 200 more cameras to cover it.
    Thank god I live up here in QLD. Like were all mad. But seriously that is insane ha ha
  8. If I understood the vic police site correctly the rider was not wearing a helmet, yet the herald sun did not mention this. After all this operation aegis one rider was caught doing the wrong thing and he was an unrider, what does this tell us?
  9. The only Hoons in Carlton ride scooters,
    Can you Hoon on a scooter, ??????????????
    Carlton has a lot of donut shops,
  10. Wayne Flower has form though
  11. Both the articles are trying to make the motorcyclists the bad guys in order to justify another failed operation. A motorcycle operation that nabbed heaps of cars yet hardly any motorcyclists. What an absolute joke!

    It just reinforces the argument that the police don’t have enough work to justify their numbers.

    They keep harping on about needing more recruits but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the community to accept arguments that are based on spin more than anything else.

    It’s like the Vic Police are a faction of the ALP.
  12. Who gives a damn, we're doing our part and somone who's clearly flaunting pretty much all motorcycle laws (unlicenced, unroadworthy, no helmet, pillion without helmet, pillion while unlicenced) gets a mention... and everyone blows up? Well boo freakin' hoo.

    Only wearing shorts & t-shirts and NO SAFETY GEAR would imply that they were not wearing gloves, pants, jackets or helmets. Why is that hard to understand? if they are incorrectly reporting facts then yes, thats immoral and illegal, but otherwise I really couldn't care less.

    As for a 'blitz' on whatever it was... I've really stopped paying attention. You wanna ride hard? Go get a trackday. I have, and it was awesome fun. Otherwise, find a nice stretch of road that you can enjoy without running into too many speed cameras or police cars. Geez...

    Anyway, as you were!

    - boingk