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More horse power for VFR750

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Piercing Pete, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    This is my first post here so I will try and make it a good one.

    I have a 96 VFR 750 that needs MORE power.

    I have a Laser high rise slip on and love the sound so before you say "Buy a faster bike" please think again. I love this biatch and I am not getting rid of her.

    So my question is what is the best way to get more bang for my buck?

    I am happy to put in about $1000 in to her but for that I do expect a lot.

    Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.

  2. I can't answer your techincal questions, pete, but welcome to Netrider; I've thought for quite a while that we need more weird :LOL:.
  3. Thanks :)

    Well I trust I will be right up there on the weird scale around here :)
  4. r u up for quater mile performace or twisties
  5. spend your money on suspension
  6. Straight line performance is what I am looking for but dont want to compromise the handling.

    The suspension is all good and I dont feel anything needs changing there
  7. go up a few teath it will feel like a whallop of power
  8. Good point Zbike
  9. if straight line performance is what you are after then sprocket changes are your quickets easiest one

    be aware that it will throw the speedo out

    dyno tune and rejetting will give some benefit but as far as bang for buck its not up there

    other possibilities are weight loss , the bike and yourself
  10. lol Johnnie, I could stand to lose a few kilos :p
  11. Just drop a tooth off the front sprocket.

    A jet kit for the pipe will help, there are several available off the shelf for vfr750's. A freer flowing filter may also benefit, but the power advantage will be negligable (will sound better though!).

    It'll be hard to get much more out of the engine without spending thousands, they were never designed from the outset to have a narrow power peak.

    You could always sell it and get a vfr750r... :!:
  12. Mate if it still stops and handles it should still be a quick point to point bike.
    The majority of us couldnt ride the wheels off a GS500 so the quest for more power is most likely wasted.
    If you just want straight line grunt drop a tooth or 2 off the front as suggested by others.
    If you want a faster bike overall do some track days because it may be more rider related :LOL:
    I dont know you and you could be the next Rossi but unless you can "really ride" there are other options that will make you and the bike better overall.

    My 2c worth.
  13. My last bike 2wheels was an RF900 and I really notice the power difference between the two.
    That is why I am after some more grunt.

    I think I will go with a smaller cog to start.

    Thanks for all the suggestions folks
  14. I just did a Google search and it looks like they come up about 35hp short of the RF900R. You would notice that difference and the RF produces bags of torque too. I take back the rider bit of my post (mostly :LOL: )
  15. ok simple mods:

    one to 2 teeth up on the front
    KN or DNA filter.
    New plugs.

    Not so simple mods:

    dyno test
    Rejet for greater mid range
    airbox mods
    520 chain and sprocket kit
    full exhaust kit see tyga yosimura or local maybe saintune do slip on...
    dyno test to confirm result.
  16. Other way around wardy.

    Depending on the standard front sprocket size, it may not be the best to drop the front by more than 1 tooth as it puts the chain under quite a bit more pressure due to the decreased radius.
  17. [​IMG]

    which one are you?
  18. "one clocked 92, 000 MILES on a year"

    And people scoffed at the VFR800 I bought with 120,000 k's after 9 pampered years....
    shakes head..... mumbles incoherently....

    Then realises.. COOL!! people wanna ignore perfectly good bikes due to mileage, I get to buy good bikes dirt cheap :LOL:

    Yeah!!! thank all thats good for fashion :wink:
  19. 96 model Ward.

    I love her, she rocks.
    I have left the seat cowl on to so I do have to give anyone unworthy a lift :p
  20. I think you are kidding yourself a bit.

    The best bet is to get the carbies jetted and set up to match you pipe. This will take a fair proportion of that sum but won't give you a lot.

    I will give a sweeter motor.

    anything more than that will cost a lot more than $1000 and you will have to do the carbies anyway.