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More hate from the beige

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. it appears so

    makes me ashamed to be in the State where this paper is published

    Mind you, you could write a similar opinion piece about skydiving, cave diving and any number of risky past-times...
  2. Talk about a nanny state... I think I would actually move country if that happened.
  3. Strange out of nowhere article.

    Here is the link to the web version.
    Here is a link to his facebook page.

    letters@smh.com.au is the feedback address for the SMH
  4. Wow, the stink of fear is overpowering. Bet he pisses his pants crossing the road.
  5. LOL helmet's impede our vision? i can see a ****ing lot more looking through a visor than i can sitting in a cage

    and...upto 200km?...must be stuck in 3rd gear?

    doesn't matter...just another idiot commenting on thing's he has no idea about...no point getting in a big huff about it....if you notice when you google his name he spreads his views across countless sites.
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  6. You can usually comment on the Heckler submissions, but not this one.
    I wonder why...

    ETA: PM sent, thanks Chris! I wonder how long I'll be banned from FB...
  7. This guy claims to be a libertarian?! Bull ****in shit!
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  8. surely he is just trolling.

    a helmet impedes my vision?? the ****?

    i can see heaps out of my visor, and if i do a head check and scan my mirrors i can see even more!!! ! SHOCK HORROR.

    but mr cage there with all his fancy gadgets and 2 tonnes of steel and airbags is feeling pretty safe in his car, and doesn't feel the need to look before he changes lanes or indicate etc.. because shit if i hit someone ill be fine.
    i'm pretty sure if a truck t-boned your car or even another car, or a lamp post etc.. your 2 tonnes of steel, airbags,seatbelt, windscreen, mirrors (that you don't use) won't save your life 100% of the time.
    if it did, no one would die as a result of a car accident now would they.

    what an absolute cockhead.
  9. His Facebook page states his political views as "Libertarian"


    Guys got literally no idea.
  10. Hes a professional troller purely employed to drum up traffic.
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  11. TBH I read the article as being tongue in cheek but not very well done.

    Even if I'm wrong, it's nothing that hasn't been repeatedly written since...I dunno...maybe 5 minutes after Mr Werner got sick of pedalling and strapped a small petrol engine to the front forks of his bicycle.
  12. this is a monumentally stupid and flawed article, not worth responding to. Hopefully most people will recognise it's stupidity and not fall for the apparently "edgy" comparison with tabacco.

    I hope it's tongue and cheek, then it's just crap writing.
  13. It's just a print version of trolling - and carried out by the same kind of idiot.

    It was obviously meant to get a response - but then the newspaper chickened out of allowing comments.
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  14. It's fairly obvious which helmet impedes HIS vision :D
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  15. Best thing to do is completely ignore the article, then it becomes irrelevant
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  16. It must be tough being a human anagram.
  17. I agree completely. The article works perfectly for the media company that published it, insofar as the response is that many people link it on many forums, and click and click on the link. That also assures the continued employment of the troll. Society only gets to be a nanny state if we behave like manipulated children.
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  18. I found that the most insulting bit of the whole article.