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More GP & Netrider pics

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Charmed, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Sorry took a while getting these up :LOL: Nixon-Chick will be hanging out for these :p

    Havnt stopped since got home & still setting up new pc for 5 users :roll: + have house guest, so only thing done is resize.

    GP pics HERE

    Netrider Coffee Night & Dinner can be found HERE
  2. Nice pics.

    Very grainy for ISO 400 no?
  3. Yeah I noticed that also ... then realised little charmed just grabbed the camera that night, settings wernt changed LOL

    Edit : Ok what does photobucket do to pics? ... see what you mean Vic,, the dinner pics are shockers on photobucket. Clear as here. Used that flock upload. Anyone else getting that result with a mass upload?
  4. gee, I like how them red draggin's don't make my bum look big :p :rofl:

    Virago country..yeahhhhhhh!!
  5. Cool pics. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Gee seeing those pics, you'd think only cruser riders went to Monday night coffee :p

    Good to meet you guys ( on two consecutive Monday coffee nights none the less).
  7. Note to self:
    keep helmet on when camera comes out :shock::LOL::LOL:
  8. Nice...
  9. That Fa 18 was awesome, never knew they could fly slower than a cessna. I was watching for the damn thing to approach over the water as it has on previous years when it blasted overhead from an alternate direction, made me jump to say the least. Actually I also have some good pics from the pits, paddock, and of all the Yamaha riders. Is photobucket a host for uploading pics? Anyone know of any good alternates?
  10. Someone always has to take a photo of a copper dont they. They are almost like celebrities those guys. LOL Nice pics btw. You needed more photos of girls w/bikes... Or maybe I just think that. :LOL:
  11. Is that a bird following the FA18 in photo #27? :shock: