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More Gippy Riders joining!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Rigi, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Hi all, have been reading the forums for a month or so, now it's time to join after Woodsy and Rosie's call for Gippslanders! "Fingy" on his MV Augusta and I have already met some locals and are keen to ride lots in the coming year. I'll be the slow one at the back with the L-plate, just getting used to sitting on my Honda VTR 250 after nearly 20 years of driving cars only.
    Looking forward to many rides in 07!

  2. Welcome aboard, Rigi.

    Whereabouts in Gippsland are you? We've got a few here from the Latrobe Valley. Myself, Cruisingal, a lady artist from Boolara (forget her ID, sorry), The Ancient One, also known as "Unemployed" or "Brian". He's from my kneck of the woulds.

    I've been riding since I was 16 (1973), with a short break of 6 years when forced with a tossup between carpet for the new house and my continued existance or the bike. I got back into riding in 1999 with a Kawasaki ZZR1100. Currently, I own a Honda Blackbird.

    Been on one or two Netrides. Mostly though, it's either commuting or weekend trips to places like Bright, Tintaldra, Merimbula, Warnambool via the GOR, etc. Some of them are over 3 days, taking in up to 1,500km.

    Anyway, I hope to see more Gippslanders on Netrider events.
  3. Yeah, welcome Rigi \:D/ , great to see the Gippsland contingent expanding :grin:

    We will probably organise something for January. We were planning an overnight stay in Walhalla and do the ghost tour etc, but that will be put on the back burner for now (no pun intended, I hope they are managing alright up there).

    Keep an eye on the forum, something will be posted up in the next week or so.
  4. welcome abourd, you must have sliped of between drinks the other knight did you?? then again i was in no state to remember any way :)

    cya soon.
  5. :woot: Hi Rigi! Not only another Gippslander, but another slow one with an L plate! Where are you from? Hope to see you out on a ride soon. :)

    Rosie - were you at Speed's the other night?
  6. Welcome Rigi :grin:
  7. Hi guys,

    Live in Boolarra, the lady artist (speed) is nearly a neighbour! and the introducer to Netrider - thanks Speed!

    Yes Rosie we met the other night, but didn't get enough time to talk hopefully next time.

    And Woodsie you gave my daughters and me a big hug goodbye! or was that your twin?

    Cool riding weather coming up cruisingal, will keep my eyes glued to the postings and the gear warmed and ready for a ride!

  8. Hi & welcome Rigididge. :applause:
  9. Welcome Rigi. I'll be the slow learner at the back soon when I get my bike so will be able to relate to you there.
  10. Bloody heck another gippy rider, g'day I must catch up with you guys when I head down mum and dads at Loch Sport!

  11. Welcome Rigi,us newbs are taking over!

  12. That would be great Matti. Let one of us Gippslanders know when you are coming through and we will tee something up :grin:
  13. Hi and welcome Rigi. You should fire up you're fellow gippy netriders to organise a ride down that way to celebrate you're arrival. Another Gippy learner ride might be appropriate :grin: Here's hoping.
  14. Welcome Rigi
    After 20 years of driving good to see that you have come to your senses :LOL:
    seeing as i grew up in gippy does that qualify me as a gippy rider?

    Get down to Drouin a bit to see my parents from time to time
    maybe catch up for a ride :grin:
  15. YAY!!! you did it, bout time too, good to have both of you on board :dance:
    Oh No! That means your posting now. NOOOOOOOOO Please dont tell 'em anything :eek: :shock: :grin:
    mmmmmmmmmmm, proof here> http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k244/speed62/in no state/ :grin:
  16. Hmm, I think you better watch out Speed, you may put your foot in it :LOL:

    Only joking Rigi, will see you all again soon :grin:
  17. BTW Speed, you didn't get the OK from me to post those :evil: :facepalm: [-X :rofl:
  18. :oops: doh, sorry, but they're not as bad as the ones where you're sucking on that ........bottle (or the one of me dribbling black stuff(alien)) at your place :p Like I said to 'Oldman' we're nutters off our bikes too ('we' meaning 'me' of course) :LOL:

    PS: wow, I'm known as a lady artist :roses: *writes down New Years resolution...."become millionaire" * :cool:
  19.  Top
  20. But they aren't incriminating, they are always set up aren't they Mike? :LOL: