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More First Rides Questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by johnmoz, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Finally managed to get out and actually do some riding, was pleasantly pleased at how I went. A few of my hundreds of doubts were sorted but I've got a couple of silly questions...

    1- how can it be so much fun and still be legal?

    2- Mirrors- they seem a bit inadequate, I'm used to being able to see most of what's in my 'bubble', but on the bike, even with regular head checks, I feel like I've got massive blind spots. Are there any techniques to adjust the mirrors for maximum effectiveness?

    3- a bit similar to the above, at intersections and merges I'm having a bit of trouble keeping the turns smooth, the look where you want to go thing's a bit hard when you've got to look over the other shoulder at traffic.

    4- how can it be so much fun and still be legal

    Watch this space...

  2. Govt is working hard on making it illegal along with anything else that is fun.
  3. 1. On a 250 you get to wring it's neck out, and still be within the limit :D Plus when you lean into a corner and just take it perfectly, it feels amazing!

    2. I usually have mine so I can just see a bit of my chest, and to look behind just have to lift my arms up a bit. I admit though it's a lot harder as compared to a car.

    3. Just take it slow and don't rush yourself, when you find a gap that's safe enough to merge in, take it, and if you have to look in your mirrors to keep an eye out of whats around you :)
  4. Look into getting RiderScan for your blind spots

  5. you may have your mirror's set up wrong (i always notice setting the mirrors up when stationary never seems to work as they're not at the right angle when i'm in my proper riding position) but in saying that i don't own a across so don't know what the go is there, might be crappy like the honda cbx's mirrors...tiny little things that have about a inch they can move in any direction

    could it also be that it's a mentality issue that your concerned about being exposed so feel vulnerable ? it may well just be early days jitters and you'll get over it who knows - i personally feel much safer and more in control when on the motorbike as i CAN see everything as opposed to being in a car.

    also the look where you want to go...you obviously cant put that into play when your doing headchecks...otherwise there'd be about three member's left here...just try and focus on controlling the bike and keeping it steady whilst your doing your headchecks - perhaps your throwing yourself in too deep and need to take it easy practicing this on backroads/carparks/industrial area's local to you.
  6. Thanks, lads, good stuff as usual...

    I'd seen mention of the Riderscan before but couldn't find it again, I've just bought one, at 60ish dollars landed it's worth giving a go.

    87, I think it's a bit of a combination of what you say, I spent a bit of time in the driveway fiddling with the mirrors and I think I've got them a lot better, someone said to me to push them forward a bit and adjust them which I did, and it seems to have made a difference

    As usual it'll be practice practice practice that brings it together, I've just got to get familiar with the totally different environment and cues on the bike. I'm ecstatic that a couple of things I was a bit concerned about, one of them being countersteering, seem to be coming naturally . I adjusted the clutch today, too, it took up too far out for my liking, so I think that should make a difference to feeling in control

    I have to say that I'd hate to be 17 with no experience in reading traffic and driver behaviour being let loose with my lack of riding experience, I've got a huge advantage having 40 odd years of experience in all sorts of traffic and I've been intrigued as I read and learn about defensive riding that I already use a lot of the active safety techniques in the car, even buffering, especially since I've been driving the M3, I've got no desire to have every inattentive bogan bouncing off it...

    Pisses me off that I didn't get a chance to go for a ride today and we've got a family away thing all weekend so next time I'm on the bike'll be Monday. Stuff it, I might get up early before the traffic tomorrow and go for a fang.

    Cheers and thanks again for the input all...
  7. ....and lad-ettes ;)
  8. Oops! Sorry...

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  9. Mirrors:

    • They are there to give you a glimpse of what is behind you - do NOT trust them!
    • Move your head up/down and strafe left/right to change your angle of vision in the mirror - giving you a wide/shallower perspective of what is behind you
    • The most important technique is your survival check - when you think it's clear, turn your head and check you rear quarter to be sure you have nothing waiting to pounce on you.

    How is it legal:
    • Shhhhhhhh - it is - doesn't mean it can't be tonnes of fun though
    • Shhhhhhhh - quieten down - otherwise EVERYONE will want to do it

    Glad you're having fun out there.
    Stay safe (y)
  10. Hey hey, swings and roundabouts, we were supposed to go skiing this weekend but the road's closed so I've been back on the bike. Yay!
    My re-adjusted mirrors are much better, I still don't feel quite as aware of my surroundings as I'd like to be at the moment, but I'm getting used to having to be much more active on the bike anyway, so dodging around to get a better picture from the mirrors is starting to become habit.

    Another ride another mini-goal, another thread, more questions pending...

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  11. I am only a beginner also, but I agree with what 87crisis is saying here. I try to set them up when stationary, but it doesn't seem to work (My guess is, stationary I have a different posture to normal riding). So I will have to "fine tune" the mirrors by noticing them while riding on a flat straight, and then adjusting them when stopped at lights (if I'm moving on the bike, I generally don't want to be fiddling around with the mirrors).

    Then if I change my posture because I am taking corners more spiritedly, the mirrors aren't right for that posture! So it is a little annoying, and I would definitely say that my bikes mirrors are worse than any car I've driven. Things can sneak up on you and make you feel unobservant.

    I try to get the left mirror to be more biased towards rear vision, and the right mirror is more biased to visor of the lane to my right... does that make sense? So maybe left mirror is 1/3 lane to left + 2/3 lane I am in, and right mirror is 1/3 lane I am in, and 2/3 lane to the right.

    You can move around a bit to see more, but head checks are definitely always necessary! And I think you need to make sure you look sufficiently far behind you when head checking as well. (i.e. do a proper check and not a half glance and then merge onto someone right where you should have seen them).

    If it feels like you don't have the time to do a proper head check, then you are definitely going to fast for the conditions.

    maybe check with more experienced riders, but I think this advice is kosher
  12. If you can, use a centre stand or race stand when setting your mirrors up.. You need to get your body in to the position it is going to be in most of the time while riding. Failing that get a trusted friend to hold your bike while you get in position.

    Make the adjustments the best you can, then do minor adjustments on the road. You don't need to do it while actually riding, think about what you want to do, then make a small adjustment next time you stop and then check it again once you're on the move.. rinse and repeat until you get it right..

    Keep in mind that while on a stand (centre or race) your seating position is slightly higher than it would be when your riding, so don't aim your mirror to low.

    It normally takes me 1 or 2 rides after a track day (my mirrors are off for these) to get the mirrors exactly where I want them.