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More eggslicers...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by VTRAffair, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. South Australia is on the list now to be recieving wire barrier fences along the highways.

    What in the hell is this government doing?

    More cost to obtain a bike license meaning less money to spen on appropriate riding safety gear and now more added bullshit obstacles designed to try and take our lives every chance they get...

    So help me god, these politicians can really get your goat on a good day, but this?

    This is just disgusting.

    Anyone that knows anything about setting up a ride from point A to point B with the intention of making your opinions heard, feel free to post on up in here. I'm angry.
  2. If your really passionate about it, then gather google all the reports you can find about the dangers of WRB's. Get it all together. Write a letter to the government department responsible and cc it to Today Tonight, ACA and some talk back radio shows. Better yet, do all of the above but before you send it in get as many signatures as possible on a petition - the media will more likely take notice if you can show the issue has lots of public support.
  3. You can mention this to them

    Holland and Portugul have banned there use and will be removing them

    Norway , will not install anymore WRB's and will replace current ones during their maintenance cycle.

    UK , will be replacing WRB's in the centre of major highways with Motorcycle Friendly barriers. as part of their mainetenance cycle,

    Also mention that

    a) When tested by MUARC in both tests the car driver was Killed after hitting the barrier
    VicRoads says this was a pass as the car landed in the correct area
    b) They have not been tested with someone Hitting these barriers without a car body around them
    VicRoads say they are safe
  4. Yeah these bloody things are starting to show up between Brisbane and the Sunshione Coast........ :evil:
  5. When will they listen and learn?????
  6. Do a GOOD internet search. There is an Australian study that shows no matter what type of post supported barrier a rider hits, if they hit the posts, they die. Does not matter whether it's Armco or WRB.....mind you, it also shows motorcycle deaths from hitting barriers at less than 1% of fatalities from memory.....
    The study recommended concrete barriers, which is the most expensive solution, so don't hold your breath.
    The barriers are designed to stop a vehicle entering oncoming traffic or going down an embankment. It may mean death to the occupants, but it also means lives of other road users saved.
    What is it about them you find offensive? Does the look of them seem menacing?
    If you want to lobby for a solution, try to get them to enclose the area BENEATH the wires, or railing on Armco railing barriers. Or even develop some sort of impact spreading device to fit to them. This WILL save lives.
    Oddly, I wonder how the old chicken wire type fences used to go with riders?

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Hi all,
    I just want to know if the dam things will stop a truck and or some 4WD's!
    If one of those things comes accross it will be catastrofic!
    If the answer is no! Then they are useless!

    I personally Don't like the flipping things because if a cager drifts across and bump you into it, you are as good as dog food!

    Typical politicians scrambling for brownie points from cagers on a possible election year!


  8. Andrew, I agree sorta - if you're going fast enough to get chopped in half by a wire rope, you're going fast enough to get beaten to death on Armco.

    However - my problem with them is that in a low-side slide with a drop on the outside of a corner; a rider AND bike can completely leave the road leaving no evidence for the next motorist on the scene that an accident even occurred... let alone get some medical attention for the rider.

    At least with Armco, someone will find you/your bike and get help.
  9. Irrelevant. Truck and some 4WD's accidents with this scenario are about as inconsequential as motorcycles. It's the majority (ie. cars) that they are protecting - a simple cost vs benefit analysis.