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More Economical my Ass

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tmg, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. I know I own an old bike, and I really do love riding it, but the economy is pathetic! 200 k's to a tank before I have to switch over to reserve. I think, personally, that this is just bad. I know it needs a service, but if it keeps going on like this, I think I am gonna have to sell it, as I am spending more money keeping it fueled than my car.

    In comparison to my car:


    Tank Capacity - 42 litres
    Odometer Reading from full tank to empty tank - Around 330kms
    Engine Displacement - 1500cc
    Number of Carbies - 1
    Dry Weight - 850kg
    Power - 72HP/54KW
    Max RPM Engine has been to - 3500 most of the time.

    Tank Capacity - 20 litres
    Odometer Reading from full tank to empty tank - Around 220kms
    Engine Displacement - 750cc
    Number of Carbies - 4
    Dry Weight - 230kg
    Power - 77HP/57.75KW
    Max RPM Engine has been to - 6500 a few times, around 5000 most of the time.

    I am not sure which on comes out better, but I was really expecting to get about 300kms to a tank if not a bit more from the bike. I guess it's all in how you drive/ride it that detirmins the economy

  2. My vn 800 takes 15 ltrs and normal riding (around town) I get 200km before I hit reserve then I fill up. On the high way I get 220km before hitting reserve.

    I did a test when I first brought the bike and another one at 30000km (about 2 weeks ago) from full to empty (took a jerry can with me) and I got 320km the first time and 300km the last time. I notice that I get better ecconomy just after a service (every 6000km) and when I sit on 115km/hr on the high way.

    I also own 2 vechiles, the first 2002 VX acclaim: get 450km per tank arround town and 700 km on the highway from 65 ltr tank and 1999 Padgero: get 450km arround town and beach and 750km on the highway from a 90 ltr tank.

    so your bikes not too bad.
  3. 200 is low, but my old CB1100F used to only get to 215-200 before starting to run out. My current bike gets about 220.

    Once it's serviced it may improve. If not oh well, that's the economy you're gonna get. Better than a V-Max, which gets about as far as a eunuch can piss in cold weather.
  4. Anyone who buys a bike for economy reasons just doesn't get it. I think most people just use the myth of fuel economy to help convince their sheilas to let them buy one.

    If you want economy, buy a scooter. Bikes are about passion, not practicality.
  5. Only a 250 but the Spada gets 200Km from 9L....then has 2 L reserve

    200Km from 20L tank is a touch on the bad side i'd think....time for a service!
  6. Bike, anywhere between 150-250km from a 17l tank dependant on the way it's ridden.

    Car, 600-700km from 68l.

    Not much difference really,................

    ...... apart from the fun factor! (x 1,000,000 on the bike)
  7. ? :?
    I am a 'sheila'
    i get around 350-400km max outa my 21lt tank
  8. It really depends what type of bike it is. For example a CB250 is going to get better fuel economy than my FZR250 with its 4 carbys always trying to dump more and more fuel.

    I'm also sure the royal enfields low performance engine would also get great fuel economy.
  9. I've got a Zephyr 750 and I only get around 200 k's out of 17 litres
  10. 450 before she's given all she's got.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Farout...looks like I am not the only one :LOL:, ah well, thought I would get the topic out there. Good to know about other peoples bikes economy numbers too.

    Loz man that comment was a bit harsh :p
  12. You could try searching "fuel economy" too, been done to death.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. RF900R 260km @ 20Lt Can get as low as 180km if I'm naughty :p
  14. yea i was shocked to when i got my zx6r. full tank gets me around 180kms and i think thats 17L or 18L and this is 80% of the time riding normal. i think its the other 20% of the time that drinks most of petrol. for me, the bike is pretty much the same econ as a car but i park for free with a bike so i save like 20 bucks a wk.
  15. yea bikes generally have a higher cost of ownership but dont compare apples to oranges EG; 600/1000 sportbikes to small four cylinder cars etc.

    i find my gpx250 has ok performance for the fuel it uses but we always want more power and that comes at a cost......
  16. Shhhh don't tell the missus! I work in the CBD and economy is made up of variuos parts, yes petrol $50 a week saving, parking $50 a week saving, tolls $30 a week saving so it does add up. Time I save 1 1/2 hrs travel time a day!

    Other side, servicing can cost more, all the gear you need to wear and the overpriced lattes at Southbank.

    Bout break even for me. :grin:
  17. I'd be buying a new car, 12.7 litres per 100km sucks for a small 4 cylinder car. :LOL:
  18. Ok over the years I have owned several cars and bikes... and I always took note of the fuel consumption...

    Worst fuel economy was on my Datsun 180B (with the 200B engine and 4 carbs) 17L to 20L /100km

    Best fuel economy was my CT110 @ 3.2L to 3.8L /100km

    But for number of years I have had a funny compromise... Charade and a VFR750 which had the same fuel economy... 7L to 7.5L /100km

    My current bike is a fuel gazler.. @ about 8L/100km but the engine is still very young and it is naked... with the fairings I'm told these bikes use about 7L/100km...

    From my expiriance the best economy bikes are fully faired 250cc to 400cc twins and scooters...
  19. hmm, on highway, my 675 is 4.3L/100KM (when using shell unleaded 95, if I use a higher RON, I get way worse fuel econ.) according to the instant fuel econ. fuel guage on the bike. Seeing as it's a fuel injected bike, I think the guage is fairy close to the real world bits. I'm going to fill the bike up one day on a 100km free/highway that has another fuel stop 50-150 km along it and then by KM travelled by fuel used to fill up to same level should give me a good reading. Sorry to hijack this but does anyone know a place I can do this? I guess westgate servo (or the one in the middle) to the fuel stop @ corio in geelong is most probably the bestr best? Does anyone think of a better road + servo's to test this out? Thanks :)
  20. dude you are such a smart-ass :LOL:, but I laughed my ass off when I read that one, good call :LOL:

    I love V-Twin bikes. I would like to get an SV650s next, just coz they feel like they are floating when you ride them, plus with a full fairing they would look so sexy! :cool:

    That's the plan anyways