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more comfortable bike seat - airhawk?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am looking for options! my FZR bike seat gets hot fast and stays that way! its also not the most comfortable to be on for more than a little bit either :( i was thinking of going to clark foam and rubber and buying some spongy foam but looking also for somthing off the shelf, i've found this an im wondering if anyone has used it? for sportsbikes they recommend the 'small pillion' sideways model.

  2. I have one on my Laverda,it works very well but you do get some crap
    from onlookers,I am sending my seat to John Moorehouse in Queensland for a refit,he specializes on all day comfort.Do a google search for his details.
  3. How inflated are the prices on airhawk cushions?

    It looks like something that should retail for about $30.00 but I assume it is a lot more than that?
  4. if u have a bit of money i would recomend a wool seat cover
  5. Thanks for the replies guys.

    I dont especially want a wool seat cover, it dosent look nice :oops: im going to try changing how i sit on the bike, and im still thinking about this airhawk think...

    To Zim, does the air hawk sit on the top of the seat? is there a cover? what do you mean yo get crap from on lookers? the bike may be parked in the city on some days i dont want the air hawk to get stolen!
  6. They strap on just like a wool cover,there an air bladder with lots of linked blister like chambers and there is a velor like cover that zips over it and yes very easy to pinch,the trick to them is to set them so your arse is just suspended of the seat by about 3mm,mine comes into its own after 4 nor 5 hrs on the bike,much less numb bum,great gadget for a BIG trip,the just look a bit naff,you get the hemroid comments ,I have just sent my seat to the Moorhouse bloke in Queensland,his mods come HIGHLY recommended,the Airhawk is much better than a sheepskin,I have used both and its night and day when your doing 700k plus days.
  7. Talk to a local car upholsterer, they'll be able to sort it.

    Had mine done a couple of months ago....FZR1000.

    Much better.
  8. My plan...

    Im going to order some tank grips and fit that, then i was going to go to a wrecker and buy any late model seat of a decent size and use the newer foam from that, re shape it a bit and fit it to my base and cover it. Ive done some basic upholstery before..

    I dont really want to go strapping stuff to the seat, i dont really want to spend hundreds on this bike either! Im also paying attention to how i sit cos that might be part of it..

    thanks and ill update the thread as i go :)
  9. I recommend the Airhawk. Was the best $170 delivered I've spent. Can do 600km a day on it, get off and NO sore arse anymore.

    The beauty is you can use it on the next bike, so you haven't waisted any money. It's an investment in your comfort. IMO

    If you are looking at re-doing your seat give this guy a call http://www.metzi.com.au/
    Met him at the Snowy trip last year, nice guy, and reasonably priced. Just down the coast so relatively easy to get too. He'd just designed a new seat for the Blackbird which was very comfy. It's only a phone call.

    Goodluck with whatever you decide to do.

  10. No sore or burning ass after 700km, 8 hours on the Airhawk feels so much more comfy than an hour on the stock seat.
  11. +1 for airhawk.

    I have tried both sheep skin and airhawk on the current ride and the airhawk wins hands down. I even tried the airhawk under the sheep skin but for me, I found the airhawk better by itself.

    Mind you ... I would have got sick of the increase seat height using both anyway I think.