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More blue

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Well it's no secret that the Hornet is gone, and that I have been in buying mode for a couple of weeks. The search is over; as of the middle of today I am the somewhat bemused owner of a 1995 Honda VFR 750.

    Why bemused? Because it's three years older than the Hornet, for one.....

    So why 'More blue'?

    Well the bike has been owned for the last 7 years by a Sydney classic bike racer, and a few years ago he decided that he was sick of the Honda red, and had a mate repaint the bike blue.......

    Candy Hawaiian Blue, actually

    The exact same colour as the Hornet


    So while there are plenty of '95 VFR-750s around, mine is unique :).

    It's got 78,000 kms on the clock, and actually hasn't been ridden for two years; Gary has a classic Kawasaki which he rides all the time. But it DOES have a high Staintune, a full Ventura rack with the proper bolts, and the toolkit has one of those super-easy-to-lose, super-hard-to-replace Ventura rack bolt toggles that you keep on your keyring to tighten and loosen the rack bolts.

    I like the polished rims, and lots of other stuff.

    The bike's in for a service ATM, and for fitting of some heated grips, and getting sorted out for registration; hopefully by the weekend, (but I doubt it) I will be sampling the delights of the Southern Highlands from a different perspective.
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  2. Looks nice! The obvious question is; what sold you on the vfr 750 over your other options?

    Congrats anyway!
  3. Congratulations on your new purchase Hornet.
  4. You really are determined to be one of the nicest people, Paul!

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  5. Nice bike Paul, does that mean you're going to change your username too?
  6. I found myself in a (for me) weird situation wherein for the first time in my life I had a sum of money which I could spend, and I couldn't find anything to spend it on! The short list came down to a mate's Fireblade, which after some reasonable negotiations he decided not to sell, a black ZX9 advertised here, and a red VFR800, which, sadly, was in Tweed Heads, too far away to test ride, and then go back and get it etc etc.

    Then, three weekends ago, this bike popped up on eBay, advertised for $3000. 32 people watched it, but when the auction expired, not one of them bid on it! I rang Gary and asked him how much he'd take for it, assuming he still wanted to sell it, he named a price and I told him I'd take it. Easy as.

    I think the VFR will suit the general range of riding that I do. I used he Hornet for everything, including a memorable 1228km day trip, but I suspect that while the VFR might not be quite as exhilarating fanging up Macquarie Pass, it will be better all round at everything else.

    One things is sure, you people will always hear about it :rofl:...
  7. nice colour :)
  8. The 750 always had a good rep Paul, she looks nice in the pics,

    Giddy Up & Happy trails
  9. It seems like you have been riding bikes for a while.
    Just wondering why you didn't spend more and treat yourself to something you have always wanted to own.
    Surely $10,000 would not send you bankrupt.
    Nothing wrong with a VFR though, they are a great all-rounder. You could have bought a newer one though.
  10. I just spent $8k, which was the first time I'd spent more than $3k on a bike, but that was because I was prepared to get a bank loan. I see your point - I don't know why I didn't do it ages ago. However, $10k is a fair slab of money for a lot of people, an unavailable amount for many, especially if one doesn't like going into debt. I don't know what you're financial situation is, but for many of us that's far, far from play money.

    Besides, frugality is in itself very enjoyable, and can be a very pleasurable aspect of a bike. I always enjoyed the fact that I'd not spend so much for something with which I'd done so much.

    Hornet has his own reasons, of course....
  11. Will we see it at the next Putty run?
  12. Sadly no, it's in for a 'line in the sand' service, having not been ridden much in the last two years, and then it has to be registered

    but the NEXT Putty Run......!!!
  13. An entirely fair question, at least partly well answered by Matt.

    My wife is undergoing treatment for the aftermath of breast cancer, and has had to retire from full-time work.

    We had some money available, and we determined that we would spend a maximum of $10,000 upgrading from the Hornet, and from our 275,000 kms '95 Magna car. Since the car is for both our use I decided that the large proportion of the money should go to the car, and that I would buy a bike with what was left, which is how it eventuated.

    In a few year's time I will be eligible for retirement, and as long as I am still in good health, and I expect the newer car to be still going strong, I may have the latitude then to buy a 'retirement special' and lash out on something more expensive :).
  14. Enjoy your new bike, Hornet, I hope it will put a smile on your face!
  15. Looks nice paul, Guess i'll get to ogle it at the pie shop soon.
  16. .... What a great looker!!.... I am of course referring to the bike !8-[

    Seriously though, nice looking machine (y)
  17. Yes I like to be frugal too. Getting what I really wanted only cost me $6500, so it does not need to be $10,000.
    However my next bike purchase will be more than that.
    Even though I am still quite young the reality of getting old does not seem that far away now. When I was 20 it seemed like an eternity away, but now the years are going by like pailings on a picket fence at a 1000mph.
    Life is too short, there are so many ways I could be dead today without even touching my motorbike.
    I think if something brings you so much enjoyment (eg motorcycle riding) then you deserve to spoil yourself with what you really want.
    Everyone has their own reasons for their purchasing decisions and I respect that.
    I spent the last 10 years of life sacrificing everything to try and pay off a mortgage as quickly as possible. In hind sight I feel that was a mistake. I basically threw away a good chunk of my life (and physically it is not getting any better in the future). You can't put a price on happiness and your health if something makes you happy (like motorcycle riding) then my opinion is you may as well get what you want (you can still be frugal about it).
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  18. Sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well.
  19. Well, you've certainly bought a bike that will give you many more happy kilometres of riding. I bet it sounds great with those Staintunes on there!

    Did the Gen 5 VFR have the same reg-rec issues as some of the other models?

    Nice colour, BTW.
  20. that looks hot as Hornet.. the blue with the black and polished rims just = sex..

    have to see ya at robbo shop soon mate...