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more bloody fuel problems, this time both bikes!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. so, at first i thought this was a seperate issue. but anyway, here goes.

    on the VTR1000, which i recently fitted a jet kit and K&N, after heavy repeated braking, intermittent fuel starvation occurs. it like when you first hit reserve. this is exaccebated when cornering harder than normal, but cornering hard alone doesnt cause any problems. my thoughts are floats are sticking. when i put the carbs back together should i have put lube on the float pins or something???
    at one stage yesterday it was running one one cylinder for about 15 seconds or so immediatly after heaving breaking. sometimes its better when you rev the motor more. low down in the rev range seems to be affected more. this all goes away after about 5 mins of riding.

    on the VTR250 after REALLY heavy braking, ie almost endoing it, the same thing happens. it splutters for a bit, coughs, farts sometimes followed by a backfire. but a couple of decent twists of the throttle seems to rectify it. there is occasionally a stumble on hard acceleration. i have had twice in the 40000kms of riding it problems with starting because of sticking float, and once was after a drop, and the other time it had been on the back of a ute with some idiot behind the wheel :-w :facepalm:
    this has been worse since i had the carbs off to do a valve clearance check, never took em apart but.

    one thing that struck me yesterday was when i was filling up at my favourite BP that what do ya know! ULP and PULP 95 has FRIGGEN 10% ethanol in it! i dont think ive ever put E10 in the firestorm by accident, but i might have done so in the 250??
    maybe i didnt do something basic when putting everything back together? or is anyone else having these issues by accidentally puting E10 in?

    i know you guys must be sick of hearing about my bloody carbie problems, but help would really be appreciated. i have just purchased property, and after legal bills, comp insurance on the new ride, and a couple of other things, a trip to the grease monkeys really isnt in the equation atm (firestorms warrenty just ran out too :roll: )

    i didnt know anything about carbies a couple of months ago, but im sure leanring now :LOL:

    thanks in advance, any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!

  2. If the float levels are low, when you brake hard, the fuel in the rear carb is pushing away from the jets, causing starvation??
  3. Try moving the carb breather hoses , so that they face down and out from the frame, just be careful that you don't foul the throttle linkage on the LHS.

    It was a bad design from day one routing them back into the frame, under heavy braking the front cyl floods and cuts out or kills the whole shebang.

    This guy is magic when it comes to VTR [ superhawk ] Mods and fixes .
  4. yeah tweet that was exactly what i was thinking, but the bike is only 14000kms old ffs, so i thought it was a bit early to have float problems!

    bob, thanks heaps! that site is awesome! first thing that im doing when i get home!
  5. Do you buy all of your fuel from the one outlet?