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More 'bling' 99% done

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by VTRBob, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. A long overdue project, and seeing as I'm on call over the xmas break, and can't get too far from home, me and my brain came up with this.... cant really get out for a decent ride so how about giving 'nicole' some long awaited TLC :)

    Stage one remove rear wheel,


    Remove rubber and apply paint stripper to outer rim,


    Some 'sneaky' time at work with buff and paste, One side done


    Second side tmw, then to unveil whats in store for the inner section

  2. Re: More 'bling' in the making :)

    Very impressive!


    Trevor G
  3. Very nice Bob but I hope you have plenty of spare time each weekend from now on.

    BTW I'm found out today I'm working boxing and new years days and standby the last weekend in Dec. Guess I wont be going far either :cry:
  4. Bob, im looking forward to the results mate! Keep us informed. :grin:
  5. They are going to be a pain in the arse to keep in good condition

  6. Actualy i did mine 3 years ago and believe it or not they are simple to keep clean a quick go with autosol once every now and then and they are as shiny today as the day i did them . Lol anyone who has seen my bike will im sure vouch for that :)
  7. Ive found that the outer rims are highly polished on some bikes (my RGV250 was polished, same with my 2000 R6) paint strip them and clean and polish and there done.

    As for keeping them polished, mothers mini power ball will make short work of them.
  8. Well even though I'm not spose to be even looking at a spanner, I've just had to finish the rear wheel off :wink:

    Some of you may notice the rear disk is missing? :p That because I'm due to take delivery of a nice new custom "wave" disk in the next few days.
    But I had to stick the rear wheel on so I could start on the front :)


  9. Awesome Bob! Well done mate!
  10. The wheels on my Gix are similar, looks cool. :cool: The Gixxer has a big flouro orange R and 600 on the tail so to split the black ank polish I have flouro orange rimstripes, looks fuggin awesome. :grin:
  11. I see you have your calipers painted.. Did you have to disconnect them from the bike to do that?

    Any special prep work besides scrubbing them with a brush of some kind? I know of some people that have sanded them back smooth and then painted them but yours dont look like that.
  12. Yep totally removed from bike all the rubber/pads etc, either removed or masked up. Then degreaser and a toothbrush followed by a quick scrub with a 'baby' wirebrush, to roughen it all up slightly. Then another go with toothbrush and soap and water, final rinse with prepsol. Then as per the directions on the can.
    Used 'bright' red disk/caliper paint from repco. :)
  13. Nicole is looking great bob, mmm love the storm :LOL:

    has made me wanna go repolish my rims, they are well and truely over due
  14. Well I finished this some time ago but didn't want to post up till the wavy disc's arrived.
    The disc's did arrive but the finish was a little sus and gave me 'feedback' when installed and tested.
    After just one phone call to EBC " your the 3rd person to report this, send them back to us please."
    Sent them back and have since been informed it was a very bad batch and the whole lot has been sent back to the manufacturer for scrapping and a whole new order been placed.

    So anyhoo heres the new look ...


  15. Bobbly, I can't sell you a clear lensed LED tail light for that other 0.000000001 % bling?
  16. Looks great!! Well done! :cool: