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More bike vandalism!! grrrr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Envy-t, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Last week I finally found a tank protector that I liked, just plain silver/grey with bandit printed on it. I have had it on the bike for 4 days, and someone else decided they liked look of it also, while the bike was parked at a Shopping centre.

    A 1/3 of the way through removing it, the resin has torn so the assholes just left it there all fukt up.

    Wtf is it with world these days! :evil:
  2. Dude thats gotta be owwie :(

    Im with you, don't get why people just can't leave other people's stuff alone. The rest of us work our asses off to afford the extra little things we want/need and just to have it destroyed or taken by others.

    My car has been broken into twice in the past 2 years and the worst part of it was that they have messed up the paint job around my locks.. annoying and expensive.

    Anywho, i hope you can get it fixed without too much hassle.

    Good luck.
  3. With any luck they or he/she was disturbed half way through trying to remove said tank protector and were whisked off in a white van to an undisclosed location.

    The said offenders are now screaming for their mamas while having electrodes applied to their genitalia.

    Hope this makes you feel a bit better,

  4. In some Middle Eastern Countries, your Hands are removed for this sort of thing.

    It's a comforting thought, at times like these.

    We have all copped it, I suppose. Sorry for you,Mate.
  5. It could have been worse, they could have decided they liked the entire bike.
  6. Yeh could of been worse but its a tank protector for fu#ks sake, $20-30 to buy. A very petty attempted theft.
  7. +1 Tim

    Was just about to post the same.

    I wouldnt even think of doing shit like that, let alone for
    something so cheap.

    & NVT only had it for 4 friggen days. Thats just f*cked.
  8. It wouldn't have been a theft. Who steals a sticker? No, they were just an asshole looking to make your pretty bike look crap - they felt inadequate with their shitbox car and life in general.

    Lynch mobbb!
  9. yeah sorry dude
    and obviously it would have been someone with a bike to want the thing and that just shits me no-end.

    my nans car got broken into at a shopping centre not long ago.im assuming they saw a suction cup mark on the windscreen and thought they might find a gps unit.but the suction cup mark was from the disabled parking sticker she uses.why wasnt she displaying her sticker you may ask?.well because she wasnt parked in a handicapped zone.arseholes with no disabilities took those spots :(
  10. Yeah that sucks dude.. I can never understand why people can be so petty they must have some serious problems to try and steal/or other peoples property. Probably the only thing you can take comfort in is that they probably already have heaps of issues. Lets just hope one of these issues is a drug dealer named Jerry who likes to practise baseball on kneecaps.