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VIC More beaut policing from VicPol

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by b12mick, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. "Sgt Campbell said Maroondah and Knox police would be setting up road blocks and pulling over motorcycle riders — regardless of whether they were doing the right thing or not.They will also pull over cars with motorcycles in trailers."

    robsalvvrobsalvv sorry to do this to you mate, but what's the VMC doing about this?

    No Cookies | Herald Sun

  2. What would you have any advocacy group do about it?

    If we jump up and down about every slight and indiscretion we lose effectiveness. It's also a bit of a media beat up and our regular conversations directly with the top traffic cop do not indicate any drivers to "social profile" motorcycles and pull them over across Victoria. If the local commander has a hoon hot spot then he does have some latitude to deal with it.

    A couple of years back, the IRG jumped up and down, swore black and blue, created a lot of press over some leader newspaper article about a police officer reporting that riders on the way to the motogp would be policed strongly. "Discrimination!" "Proof of anti motorcycle VicPol". Well, it made him look like a right nong. Virtually no reports of bikes being targeted and none what so ever of discriminatory police behaviour (Boris's story was on the Hume Hwy well out of the Sth Gippsland policing zone). And in talking with the local regional commander in another setting, the commander openly admitted the officer overstepped his bounds with well meaning intent.

    At any rate, the article is almost a week old, I've been aware of it from it's first publishing and I haven't heard or seen a single thing in any rider group anywhere about unfair or targeted police tactics in the Knox PSA.
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  3. Thank you.

    I noticed in a couple of FB groups only today.
  4. Yes, I'm more interested in the direct experience of the proposed policing rather than the reaction to the reporting of the proposed policing.
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  5. OK, so they're going to pull people over indiscriminately, (but only riders, so perhaps that's discriminatory after all :)), but for what purpose ? The article doesn't say why they are going to pull over riders regardless of whether they've done anything wrong.

    Unless they share that with us they are always going to get flack and put sensible riders off side as they make us feel victimized. If they have a sensible reason to pull over riders who are doing the right thing, then they should probably share it with us otherwise it just looks like they are punishing everyone for the idiocy of the few.
  6. The "regardless of whether they were doing the right thing or not" statement is definitely unfortunate. As is the article that targets motorcycle riders after what appears to be a driver at fault accident.

    I have reserved hopes now that we have a rider himself in a position of influence in that I hope that his understanding and experience will bring a little bit more balance to the force. (Yes - I've been saving that one up for some time! ;) )

    It's a lot better than what we had previously with an anti-bike rider cop at the top, and the article doesn't seem to fit the man (from what I currently know). I guess the media and truth have always had a difficult relationship that has never quite fit together, so I'm happy to give him the benefit of the doubt - at least until I start hearing of innocent riders being targeted and harassed for no reason on the Maroonda highway.
  7. I don't have a problem with being pulled over for a license check. I have a problem if that includes b/s about being accused of riding too fast or recklessly with no proof, or crapping on about imaginary issues with the bike (thankfully tail tidies are legal now).
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  8. The fact is there has been a big spike in unlicenced riders dying on our roads lately. How else do you expect the cops to detect them unless they pull riders over for licence checks?
  9. They could start by using a mediocum of intelligence instead of the blanket 'stop all bikes' approach.....ie.

    * an unrider is less likely to be on a registered bike...the cops love their ANPR cameras, use them.
    * an unrider is less likely to be wearing even a modest amount of gear.
    * an unrider is more likely to be on a chookie with just a helmet and sneakers.

    This BS blitz on motorcyclists is just another in the long line of unjustified vilification by vicpol that has been going on for ever.....:-(
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  10. I suspect that in this case, while the driver pulled out in front of the rider, it's quite possible that the cops can take one look at the damage to the car and know that the rider was travelling at or close to warp speed. I'm not saying he was, but they are saying that they believe speed was a factor. They seem to say that a lot though, which may simply mean that they know that the accident wouldn't have happened if both vehicles had remained stationary. Who knows. I wasn't there. I can understand cops in that situation being upset and frustrated at having to scrape another body off the road and wanting to do something, anything to avoid having to do the same thing next week or the week after. Nobody in their right mind wants to see that again.

    I don't begrudge the cops pulling me over to check me out if they see something that causes them concern, unless the cause of the concern is just that I happen to be on a bike. If they ping me speeding or breaking the rules, well that's my fault and they can go ahead and do their job. If they're wrong I'll challenge it in court if it's worth the time and money to do that.

    In answer to your question, they could use the highly sophisticated number plate recognition cameras that they recently invested in. They work very well, if the bike is unregistered, there's a pretty good chance that the rider is unlicensed too. The system also picks up whether the registered owner of a vehicle (which is registered) has lost their license. The cars set up with the system use multiple cameras and can scan through thousands of plates a day, from in front, behind or passing to the side and on either side of the road. So it identifies the high risk vehicles and notifies the operator, all without wasting a load of time pulling over every man and his dog who happens to be on two wheels. For my money this is probably the best road safety and traffic enforcement tool they have brought out ever. Traffic cops have better things to do with their time and attention than just pulling over random riders.

    Up my way a significant proportion of these type of crashes, the bike hasn't even been register-able. We're talking mini bikes, and off road trail bikes. It's often late at night, there is often alcohol involvement. Realistically pulling over sensible, properly equipped riders on registered bikes on main roads during the day for no reason is not going to stop the late night idiot on the mini bike (with no headlight) riding on the nature strip of an unlit road who rides head first into a power pole with no helmet or protective gear and a belly full of grog. It's tragic for his family and the poor bastards who have to clean up the mess and it's expensive for the whole community but it's also very hard to police or legislate that type of accident away and it still goes on the books as a fatal motorcycle accident where it distorts the statistical likelihood of people coming to grief who are realistically in a totally different demographic.
  11. If I get pulled over and am not told why I always ask. Plus I ask was I doing anything wrong.

    If it turns out I was just being pulled over because they were stopping all bikes then I would consider lodging a complaint based on whether the cop passed the attitude test. Most of them are just doing a job and are ok.

    If I assessed thing were unreasonable I'd be going to the ombudsman or raising the matter via my local member.

    However, the difficulty is that it is difficult to protest too much while motorcyclist keep crashing.
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