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More Bargains~

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Paulie, May 3, 2005.

  1. I went to kawasaki parramatta today (corner of parramatta rd and woodville road there) and they are having a pretty decent sale on riding jackets! I picked myself up a pretty smicko Moto-dry xvent jacket fo $130!!! its kinda like those dryrider jackets and have removable lining and has the full hard padded stuff in the elbows, shoulders and at the back aswell! I was pretty excited!

    Gonna try it out tonight on a cruise to a mates place at Thornleigh so he can check out my new bike and make sure everything is kosher! (by new I mean 2nd hand, but nice paint)
  2. mmmmhhhhhh, I never find any real bargains in Melbourne. But if anyone knows of any bargains in the motocross area, I would love to know about it. :D
  3. 1. Brian at Bikemart
    allways looks after netriders , come on a netrider shopping night . bargins

    2 trevor thomas at acessoride .
    trevor will lokk after you as well .
  4. Thanks Glen, I was talking more about the bargains that really get you excited. Like when you find something at 50% off. :D

  5. The huge motorcycle sale at the Melbourne showgrounds last year don't ring a bell?
    Stuff was going there for up to 50% off.
    (wonder if there will be another)

    people had to wait at least an hour in the queue to get in when the sale was at its peak.
  6. I've seen some good deals at Geoff Taylor in Dandenong - found my friend a decent jacket for $130 - waterproof, removeable liner, armour etc, cant remember what brand it was but it was "last years style"
  7. do you know if they still have those "good" deals cos im still after a jacket...
  8. not sure, havent been there for a while actually - but I'm guessing now would be the right time of year for sales
  9. Was in there 2 weeks ago for a service on the bike .. they had some good pricing upstairs in accessories, although I didn;t look specifically at any jackets. Give them a cal and ask is the best thing. http://www.taylormotorcycles.com.au/