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More balls than I'll ever have

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jan 7, 2009.

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  2. She doesn't have Balls. She has Flaps of Iron, and tons of Courage.

    I liked the bit at the start, "The Dance of the Barbed Wire Pallies".
  3. FMD Loz!
  4. one person CAN make a difference
  5. looks like a bit of a set up to me...far too many cuts, cut aways and close ups to be a genuine news story.
  6. She didn't sound Palestinian.
  7. He'll probably be court martialled for not shooting her. :(
  8. Sorry, but 100% setup.

    Shooting in the background (toward the end) and she is focusing on one soldier..... Both the soldier and the girl having a good old pose for the camera.

    Anyone notice the "red" maganine in the rifle - rubber bullets I believe. Magazines are colored. Non colored refer to live rounds and colored refer to blanks or rubber bullets. I believe Blue is blanks and Red is rubber.

    Although, I could be wrong.
  9. setup or not, blanks at that range will still f*&^ you up...
  10. Thats what I was thinking too - my reference is from Die Hard 2 in the church shoot out scene.
  11. Brave yes but perhaps if the cameras weren't rolling....

    Feel terrible for the citizens who have to live and die in that environment
  12. Why Israel wasn't established somewhere peaceful (like hawaii) astounds me.

    FFS.. why move into a place where you're at war on all three of your fronts.

    and yeh looked suss from the footage.
  13. G'day everyone,....

    Why would he shoot her,she was'nt doing anything provocative to warrant being shot.

    It only takes one to make a differance,...

    Dr Who?
  14. Hey there Dr Who. :)

    In reality, any civilian imposing on a military operation during war-time can be either arrested or shot. I dont agree with it, but that is the reality. I believe she should consider herself lucky that the camera was there as I assure you she would have been less likely to "act out" as she had.
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