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More bad press

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. This shits me as we will be clumped in with this wanker and will be added to OUR stats

  2. Hopefully not, radio seemed to report it as another Idiot on our roads no anti-bike comments that i heard, News report said he had a road rage incident with motorist, then Already Illegal being allegedly un-registered and un-licensed, then allegedly overtook illegally whilst abusing the car driver and that's the end result. What a complete CLOWN, sad thing is we and the authorities can't ever stop such people because clearly...... they just don't GAF.
  3. They shouldnt call them unlicenced motorcyclists, they should call them an unlicensed person riding a motorcycle.
  4. Yeah..and no rude gestures that time though
  5. Out of interest, do unclicenced drivers count towards the road toll as well?
  6. yes they do
    Many rider deaths are unlicensed riders.
    They are all lumped in together in the stats
  7. Wonder how much of his $10 went to raging and giving the car the middle finger.
  8. The NTSB did a monograph on this. I haven't got it in front of me, but ISTR the figures were astounding.
  9. Yep and did u see the pictures, we was one big mother and he had his foot through the guys window, it looked crazy
  10. Got a link? Never managed to find them at the time.
  11. I drove past there on the fwy this morning as the ambo chopper was landing. Was wondering what the rest of the story was.
  12. i think it includes pretty much any clown on anything with two wheels and a motor?
    which includes all manner of 'made in china' abominations you see the kiddies getting around on nowadays
  13. Nah i searched the web then only found articles on it.
    I saw the pictures when i was reading the sunday paper ages ago. It was quite a situation.
  14. About 20% or so are unlicenced and/or unregistered and/or no helmet.

    It's pretty much invariable that no helmet is also unlicenced.

    What's interesting is that the number of unlicened and unregistered motorcyclists on the road is actually no more than the number of unlicensed and unregistered cars (and may be less) so these characters are over inflating the statistics for the rest of us.
  15. what are those initials Pat?
  16. National Transport Safety Bureau (and I got it wrong, I meant the Australian Transport Safety Bureau)
    I Seem To Recall (got that wrong too. I've looked at the website and can't see a paper specifically addressing this issue)


    Link here for what it's worth.
  17. nah that's fine just brain daze from report writing currently
  18. i was heading out that way yesterday, but 30 mins before it happened at least.

    read about it and just thought, here we go, another bad story for the flavour of the month.
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    This seems to be completely irrelevant to me. yes, this guys seems to be a tard, etc... but what relevance does this have when I can buy a sticker for the back of a car that does this for me?
  20. It's relevant because it suggests that the rider was paying more attention to abusing the other driver than to the road ahead. Pure speculation on my part, of course, but I've seen quite a few riders get distracted by raging at someone and then have a very nasty moment all of their own doing.
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