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More Arse Than Clarse

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. I knew I was running pretty close to empty, but thought I could make it to Yatala, on my way home from Brisbane to the Gold Coast this morning, with my daughter on the back.

    Switched to 'Reserve' before the bike started to cough, because I didn't trust the cages around me at 100 to react appropriately if the bike slowed while I switched.

    Even on Reserve, though, felt a cough just as we were coming up on the Logan Hyperdome exit. Moved left quickly, while I still had some power, and made it into the exit safely... then the Bandit was pretty much bone dry. Pulled in the clutch and just coasted on the existing momentum and the slight downhill slope of the road, and made it to within about 20 m of the pumps... and then pushed it the rest of the way.

    A little bit of quick thinking, and the experience to let it coast rather than sputter to a stop, but a whole lot of lucky timing.
  2. Always good to limit the pushing. :)
  3. And to push the limit
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  4. My daughter managed something similar on her Spada on the first icicle ride she was on. Whenever I've run out it's usually kilometres from the nearest town (but it's a long time since I've been quite so stupid)
  5. You should have given it a few shakes when it coughed on reserve, to make sure you get every last drop.... coulda given you those extra 20 metres :)
  6. thats perfection... like snapping a turd off so clean you don't even need to wipe (y)
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  7. 'Class'
  8. O'was that directed at me or are you correcting your spelling????
  9. My name is Addict.....and I'm a grammar and spelling Nazi.....
  10. You'd better grammar Nazi your post then...
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  11. It also appears you lack a sense of humour, not an unusual thing for a Nazi...
  12. ...cos the author of 87 books and papers in education doesn't know how to correctly spell 'class', :rolleyes:.

    If yer gonna break the rules for comic effect, break 'em good and hard...

    ... and occasionally someone will still not get it.
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  13. And you just know that if you'd spelled ARSE as ASS you'd have been in trouble a well....
  14. Nicely done. Pure clarse!
  15. nice share Addict.....
    Mine names Wascal and I'm a wascally wascal
  16. ... LOL spot the deliberate grammatical errors...
  17. How come you blokes keep running out of fuel?

    And no I don't have a fuel gauge either, yet it's fairly predictable.... Even when I'm playing by ear and exploring places that may or may not have petrol stations.

    Must be a case of laziness. :p
  18. In this case, a crazy busy rush to get to somewhere after work, then I missed the last servo before the freeway and didn't have a convenient way of going back.

    Definitely carelessness.
  19. Mate, would you believe I did the EXACT same thing on a test ride like a week ago? Except for one critical thing.. I puttered to a stop about 300 metres before the offramp (at Logan Hyperdome exit, heading south just like you :p)

    I pushed it to the service station past Hungry Jacks and put some fuel in it, then I rode it back to the shop and here's how the conversation went:

    Shop Guy: So, how'd you find it?
    Me: Well, it went pretty well and it sounds nice too but there's a couple of features I would like to question..
    SG: Yeah? What are they?
    Me: Well, when the fuel tap on the side is on the R setting, is that reserve?
    SG: Yeah that's reserve. F is for Fuel.. leave it on F then switch to R if you run out.
    Me: Oh, ok. So you fill it up on F, and then switch to R when the fuel is low?
    SG: Yeah. (he seemed to be picking upon the sarcasm by now)
    Me: Well, do your mechanics know how that works? Because they sent me out on a test ride with 3km of fuel, just enough to get me onto the M1.. When I went to switch to reserve, it was already ON reserve. So I just pushed your F**king motorbike a couple of km's down the motorway, in the hot sun, and spent my own money putting fuel in it to get back because I don't have your number.
    SG: Are you serious? No fuel?
    Me: Here's the receipt. I'll give you $3900 for the bike take it or leave it.

    Got the bike for $3900 for a friend (sticker price was $4550), as well as a bunch of gear at cost price and some free "Cat Crap" anti fog polish for my visor for me, and for him.

    Turned out a bit of excercise was quite profitable.