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mordeth13 Account suspended?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by random101, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. not sure how many people follow this guy on youtube

    i use to, then left it for a month or two and now i got back to it, last i heard he was bitching about a free camera he didnt get

    now his account is suspended ?

    but yeah

    just thought i would put it out there

    incase someone might care ?
  2. So it is ... must have been with in the last 12 or so hours as I was watching him on youtube this morning ..

    Can't blame Mordeth13 at his rant about the camera he was promised time after time, that never arrived.

    Anyway, video quality is better on livevideo .. so I'm happy to follow his travels over there.
  3. I watched his videos daily. I really hope youtube reconsiders and reactivates his account.
  4. livevideo is laggyyyy as

  5. mordeth 13 has a new youtube profile:


    None of his videos are there, but there are links to the videos of his friends who are launching campaigns to support him.

    Show your support for mordeth if you enjoy his videos - check out the linked videos for details on how to help him out.