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Moral dilemma

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by belair, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Report it to the pay roll officer (hope that this honesty will reap some reward)

  2. Ride straight to Bikemart(Spend it as soon as possible)

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  1. My work has paid me over 4 times what i should have been paid for last week. What should i do?
    I know i was meant to recieve a bit extra through back pay for an extra couple of days, but not this much

  2. They will work it out eventually, just be honest and work out a repayment plan or if you arent owed any other payouts, quit and go shopping :grin:
  3. Just last week? Report it and pay it back, of course. And if it happens this week as well, do the same. Doing the right thing IS its own reward.

    {They're not renting space on the Netrider server, are they, that could explain the multiple posts of your pay? :LOL:}
  4. I voted you return the money belair....although you could always roll around naked in it first ;) :cool:
  5. I vote to report it to payroll. If you were underpaid, you would be in there reporting it wouldn't you?
  6. I vote "Report It" but only because they will work it out in 6 months time and then have their hand out for it back.
  7. depending how much it is u culd invest it, and then when they realise just say sorry didnt realise and give it back and then keep wat ever profit u made..

    i know its a long shot but it culd work.
  8. It's not your money, you're not entitled to it, you didn't earn it. Pay it back.

    Your employer will judge your character by your actions. Do you want to be seen as honest or a crook?
  9. Employers have used things like this to 'test' employee loyalty before.
    They may already be aware of it and are waiting to see what you do.

    Ask them the reason for the variation in pay, and show them the pay-slip.
    It will score HUGE points with your employer when they know they can trust you.

    You may be looking at a small bonus here, when how you behave here can affect a promotion/payrise down the track.
  10. Most likely it's a pay office stuff up and if it's anything like where I work nobody will give two shits if you bring it to their attention e.g it won't earn you brownie points. The only thing you will probably get out of it is a warm fuzzy feeling inside, because you know you have done the right thing. Plus maybe some + karma points.


    Applies to large faceless corporations / Government Departments only!
  11. I was overpaid through Austudy once - and didn't report it cause I was a poor student.
    the result was i had to pay it back in installments.

    So when I was overpaid through work once, I called straight away & paid it straight back.

    I therefore advise you contact payroll asap.
  12. They will want it back so pre empt the situation and give it back.

    Good deeds are their own reward
  13. The pay roll officer wasnt in today so i didnt get a chance to nut it out with him. But i will have raise the issue, its too much money.

    I guess the other option was to go to the big house, put it on red, make a profit, and pay the excess money back. Damn that sounds so easy. :bolt:

    The question came about as the company i work for have little or no loyalty to its workers. Had there been such a relationship between the two, I wouldnt even hesitate. Having said that i was relieved to see I still did have a desk this morning when I walked in.

    Thank you all for your feedback.
  14. tell them!!! its so wrong if you dont!
  15. there is no question to answer...

    it's not yours

    give it back
  16. Yeah as tempting as it might be, you gotta let them know :)
  17. i've had that happen and each time it turns out THATS WHAT THEY OWED ME!

    public hols pay very well. i bought an electric guitar with just one days pay.

    go to them, find out what you were entitled to and return the remainder.

    make sure you DONT give it back in cash! have them dock the difference.
  18. Quietly mention to coworkers something vague about it. If they got
    different pay this week they will let you know the reason. If not, ask
    the payroll officer.

    If its a mistake they will want it back and they
    WILL find out about it sooner or later, and they are entitled to get it
    back and will fight to get it back.

    It may be back pay because your minimum wage rate was
    upgraded or something like that. It may
    be payout for holidays you haven't used that have been collected
    for too long.
  19. So??? What happened?????
  20. Donate it to a tax deducible charity and get them to put your employer's name on the receipt. When payroll realises the mistake, give them the receipt. You'll feel good, your employer will feel good (and can claim the tax deduction) and the charity will be happy. Everybody wins.

    Of course, you may also be unemployed, but virtue is its own reward.