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VIC Moped Registration / Bicycle Engine (Zbox)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CeeKill, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. OK, so AFAIK, Vicroad requires any motorised vehicle, including 50cc, registed; unless the vehicle produces less than 200W (which is f**k all).

    That means paying the registration + TAC each year and the vehicle requires a number plate, right? More or less, it falls under scooter category.

    What about getting an engine like ZBOX and stick it on your push bike? Even if I wanna do the right thing, I cannot registed my 'push bike with an engine' anyway, right? They have to be compliance with ADRs and Vicroad legislations...

    I'm thinking of 'motorise' my flat bar 700c road bike with a Zbox and only use it for commuting to work (20 kms round trip). At the same time, I'll be saving up for a 'good' motorbike and use it as my main vehicle.

    Btw, I can cycle to work (have done it before) but it's not easy accessing to shower facility at the moment.
  2. After all the issues with monkey bikes the regs were changed - it's now sub 200w electric. Anything with a petrol engine, of any size, is classed as a motorcycle.

    So yeah even something like that Zbox is not an option, unless you want to run the risk of being done for riding an unregistered and unroadworthy vehicle.

    Victoria doesn't seem to be that interested in actively encouraging people to buy small capacity motorycles. They'd much prefer you buy a brand new 6L V8 ute instead :roll:.
  3. from the Lygon st thread

    "while the penalty for owning or using an unregistered motorcycle ranges from $121 for 60cc or less"
  4. Yeah not legal and you would be caught sooner or later on a 20km commute.

    Even if you did get one it's not as simple as strapping it on your bike they are hard to mount and you need to upgrade the spokes to take the power. They are even then finicky things that break down.

    Second hand scooter is the way to go for cheap second bike.
  5. Thanks all. Guess I'll be looking at other options...
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    No petrol engine is sub 200w. They are thinking of raising this to 350w, still not enough for petrol engine.

    Zbox type engines work well with MTB type wheels, being a bit tougher, but with 700c wheels, dunno.

    If you disguise the tank & actually pedal & look like a cyclist, you'd have to be very unlucky to get pulled over by a GD copper.

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