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--MOPED-- questions about importing and registration

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by maddin, May 13, 2007.

  1. Hi there,
    in september i'll be going back to germany for 2 weeks and thought about buying a moped (or mofa in germany) and bring it back to australia.
    i had a look at vicroads but i couldn't really find information about getting something specific like that on the road.
    Depending on availability i'm after a 50ccm mofa (moped) like Puch Maxi,Honda Camino,Kreidler Flory,Peugeot 103,Hercules Prima etc.(they all have pedals)

    i have never seen any of those in australia and was wondering if it is a big problem to get them registered.
    has anyone in this forum inported a moped(mofa) like that or even own one?
    Is there a club or some forum dealing with those mopeds ?
    any help would be apreciated...
    thanks a lot :)
    cheers marty
  2. It's almost impossible to buy a new or recent(ish) vehicle of any sort overseas and then bring it back and register it if you are only taking a short trip.

    The time limits to do that are much longer than most people stay... can't remember off the top of my head but you are talking about months not weeks.
  3. hi there,
    thanks for the reply....the vehicles i'm interested in will be at least 20-30 years old.
    i'm trying to get 1 in running order and maybe another one for parts.

    in 2002 i moved from germany to australia.about 2 years later i shipped my personal belongings to australia with no problems,nobody checked if i owned everything for weeks or months or if it was new.
    i could possibly still claim the vehicles as part of my belongings.
    cheers marty
  4. From what I have read and heard it can be very difficult and costly getting a scooter into Australia by yourself. The issues of duties to be paid and ADR (Australian Design Rules) can put the issue into the too hard basket.
  5. If they're pre-1989 then importing shouldn't be a problem, also allowed if it was owned by you OS for more than 12 months. Remember though that Victoria considers anything with less than 4 wheels and an engine to be a motorbike - so to be registered a moped is going to need indicators, lights etc. If you can find a club then you might be able to get historic rego on them which is often easier to get but does restrict use a fair bit (if I remember right it can only be used to get to or from club events and can't be used at night). Info on importing can be found here:
  6. thanks a lot for the input guys....not quite sure what to do now.... i don't want to spend big$ not knowing if i can get it on the road....the mofas (mopeds) in germany all have light (no indicators though)....might be worth ringing vicroads....
    thanks again guys :grin: