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[Monthly] Goonies Run, Penrith-based

Discussion in 'NSW' started by 87crisis, May 8, 2012.

  1. #1 87crisis, May 8, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2013
    This will be run once a crisis month - in other words whenever I have time to drag my ass back to Sydney to be around on a Sunday morning

    - the scheduled meet time is 10:00 AM and scheduled departure will be 10:15 unless changed to an earlier time to work with other riders availability so keep an eye on the latest posts.


    -MAP - http://www.truelocal.com.au/business/mcdonalds-2/penrith

    if there are learner's etc that have any concern's about joining in on a run ...your more than welcome to join in guy's - we all have to start somewhere with the slightly bigger ride's and what's better than doing it with your fellow netrider's.

    If you have any question's (mainly thinking of the learner's here)PLEASE Ask them...doesn't matter how stupid or pointless they might be...i'd rather you feel confident and comfortable than be worried and take the chance at someone riding past their limit's to keep up....remember - ride your own ride..we'll all meet up at a meet point later on so don't stress it (i like to keep track of the pack so if i lose sight of a rider for too long i'll pull everyone over and wait.)...if really need be i'll ride right behind you for the entire trip to make sure your alright.

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  2. Count me in.Always happy to ride with L's and P's.
  3. i dont expect alot of people on this first run as it is on mother's day (who know's though crazier thing's have happened.) - i'm also glad i spaced the trips 2 weeks apart as i'll definately need new tyre's after this trip (been waiting for thread to show through for a few week's) and would like some time to wear the new ones in.
  4. I can't make this weekend but would definitely be interested in subsequent fortnights, good roads up that way!
  5. so the paint-job is done??
  6. Count me in.
  7. Nope, still waiting on that... Can't rush when it's mates rates!

    Should be ready to go in a couple of weekends
  8. lol that awkward moment when your reminded you were meant to be going out with your family on sunday and have now pissed your mother off after telling her you're busy due to going out for a ride you'd previously organised.

    shit happens...i'll buy her a bottle of green label walker n call it even.
  9. OK ! WELL....as it so happens...i finally got new tyre's today....was riding back to main street from the mechanics....speedo cable snaps...(curse the bike shop - if they had've put sport demons on instead of bt45's ...LIKE I ASKED...totally believe this wouldn't have happened (in reality...it was RS and prob should've happened sooner)) it's a minimum of two days wait to get the part in so i'm officially out of this ride for the first trip...****ING ****

    in saying that they also after a mis-understanding in the quoted price did both hoops fitted for...cheaper (cannot speak any higher of the guys at excite motorsports - always tolerant of my n00bness at times and in general good prices & quality of work)...AND Tweets...if you read this - i believe i saw you rocking upto excite motorsports today..with your old retro coloured zzr and dangly bits hanging off your helmet...many cool points - would've walked up to say hello but i thought it abit odd to do so - i'll leave that for when you join one of the rides.

    Rennsport - are you ok with running things for this trip?
  10. What does the speedo cable have to do with this Sundays ride? Am I missing something?
  11. Nice work setting up a ride, you can use something like tinyurl to shorten the length of your google maps link btw. Not sure if I'll be up for it this time, but I'm certainly interested.
  12. Can't tell what speed I'm going ? Which is fine for the middle of nowhere but shit for being anywhere near cops
  13. Provided I don't snap something I can do it. Might just be the 3 amigos ( or the 3stooges )for this one!
  14. To top it off I hopped on the bike to move it down the driveway...****ing brakelights gone as well!!! Apologies guys I'll make sure it's fixed by the next run. Thankyou for taking over rennsport, it's appreciated.
  15. Anyone struggling to find the meeting place it is the turn off from Mulgoa Rd where the Visitor Information sign is.
  16. Went down with the bike today in the middle of Sydney traffic. The bike is smashed. I can, nor want, participate tom tomorrow...
  17. shit go...hope your alright mate and hopefully the bike is easily fixed......what the hell happened? ...middle of sydney - do you mean cbd or just middle of sydney?
  18. It was on the pacific highway I came to close to a car in front of me so I slammed the front brake and locked up the wheel, and went down. Sliding until it took stop at the car in front of me. Gonna have a look at the bike tonight.
  19. alright no drama's man...hopefully it's only some cosmetic damage and a lever or two..how did the rest of ya's go today rennsport?
  20. The 3 amigos ended up as the Odd Couple. The ride was good. it was 4 degrees in Lithgow. Lucky no brass monkeys . Came back via the GWH.