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VIC Month long blitz on bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snipes, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this is wrong place or whatever.

    Got pulled over this afternoon.

    Also saw about 6 other riders getting pulled over/ticketed at various points of my travels today and encountered HWP at a few usual spots.

    The officer who pulled me over said they were doing a month long crack down on bikes/riders around melb, particularly central areas.
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  2. I noticed this too, saw 3 riders the other day get pulled over for riding in bike lanes from docklands to eastern fwy. They are particularly active at the royal parade flemington rd round about, be careful here.
  3. And stick Sydney City on the list too, staggering home buggered from work 8pmish weeknights recently the amount of motorcycle police activity around George St is surprising. One evening saw 2 blokes on bikes pull over a Falcon station-waggon taxi. One gentleman in blue had his helmeted head at the driver's window, the other was talking at the driver from the passenger window. Poor taxi wallah in the middle had his head madly going round on a swivel trying to cope with the intense dialogue. Likely had to have a bit of a neck massage at the local Thai after it was all over. Anyway, fellas, take care when you see a couple of bike headlights creeping up behind ya on George in the mid-evening, eh?
  4. Add Rathdowne at Carlton to the target areas, and that old favourite Wellington st Collingwood. Has there ever been an injury caused by this? Has a cyclist ever had to even slow down?
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  5. I have; quite a few times.. mainly down Flemington road.. but I'm particularly reckless as a cyclist. tehehe.
  6. It's operation Halo again... the operation designed to protect Vulnerable road users, peds, cyclists and MC riders...
  7. Add St Kilda and Port Melbourne.
    Two weeks ago, every rider wishing to ride onto the path near St Kilda pier was being pulled over and issued a $282 fine and 3 demrit points for disobeying a 'authorised vehicle only' sign.
    Saturday night, the wife and I were pulled over on Bay Street Port Melbourne by a TMU officer. He'd just finished up with a Harley rider. I will allegedly be receiving an EPA notice in the mail for noise. Wife got away with it on the StripleR.
    Just heard two other mates on Ducs have both got defect notices for exposed moving parts, ie; open clutch cover. One got done on the Eastern Freeway and the other at WSBK PI.
    The things that piss me off the most about this. I got pulled over, I was asked to identify myself, I did so with my helmet still on. I only got asked to remove it for the breath test.
    Secondly, didn't even give the rest of the bike a look over. I could have easily gotten away with bald tyres, leaks, stuffed brakes, yet the loud exhaust is the biggest risk to anyones safety?
    Once was all said and done, I did give him a bit of a serve, he couldn't understand that a drunk driver is a little more important than a loud exhaust!

    The only way to stuff this up for them is by making the bikes quiet and legal, don't speed, don't disobey any rules. This will piss the mobile tax collectors even more and the revenue from the operaion will hopefully be low enough to get them to focus elsewhere.
  8. Protect them from what? Losing their inflated sense of entitlement?
  9. have seen 5 copbikes over 2 days around hoddle st.

    got pulled over for lic/reg check on yarra blvd.
  10. I've been told by a reliable source, that certain off duty TMU officers, in their civi's, go down to acland street to get a cuppa and read the paper, While there, they collect the MC number plates of any bike they hear or expect will be loud as the bikes go by. When they're back at the office, they write them up for EPA purposes.

    ...I wonder why VicPol has such a PR problem?
  11. That takes too much effort...fining someone for a loud exhaust which could kill on the other hand...

    I must say, if they are there to protect VRU, why are they targeting VRU? Shouldn't they target the cause? Such as people on mobile phones who can't drive straight or drink drivers? It doesn't make any sense...
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  12. Loud Harleys must be shaking the head off their lattes.
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  13. Well, afaik there haven't been any injuries from using bike lanes, filtering, loud pipes and fender eliminators, so why the focus on them? As you say, focus on the real issues, distracted drivers etc.

    FTP, sorry, but they're part of the problem, not the solution.
  14. Why do you think it makes any difference if they are on or off duty?
  15. One is in the act of performing their duty, the other is the act of pernicious and punitive psychology conducted repeatedly and speaks to a much deeper problem. It was put to me that this was an enjoyable part of their off duty time - and to what end? What is achieved? How is road safety enhanced?
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  16. Who said the loud exhaust was anything to do with safety? Safety isn't the only law Police enforce you know.

    Didn't you say before that he gave you a PBT? doesn't that then mean his doing what you gave him a serve for? checking for drunk drivers (riders).
  17. A loud offensive (to some people) bike is reported to the EPA for testing that is what is achieved.

    If they like to spend their personal time doing this, up to them. I have reported bikes and cars for EPA noise testing before when off duty (as you put it). I normally couldn't be bothered with it, but sometimes you come across a bike or a car with a loud exhaust that most people would find truly offensive.

    As to how is road safety enhanced?, as I said in an earlier post, why do you think that is the only law enforced?

    They are enforcing noise regulations (EPA Act) not the Road Safety Act.
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  18. Saw 3 cop bikes on the eastern freeway yesterday 2 on the other side and 1 orange motard looking thing with cop stickers on it had pulled a car over.
  19. the orange motard thing was in Lygon st last week booking a scooter
  20. Don't be a knob about it. In this situation, only one law was being enforced becuase there was nothing else either of us could have been picked on for.
    No speeding, no drinking, no hoon behaviour, nothing at all, just some petty bullshit.
    The other quesion is, I was pinged for exhaust noise, how do you differentiate between exhaust and dry open clutch noise?

    BTW, a cop is never 'off duty' hence why they hang with thier own.
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