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Monster vs Iron

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Biker Boy, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys, I am about to get back in the saddle after about 5 years of not riding. Had a couple of 250 sport bikes followed by 600.

    Looking to get on something a bit different. I like the Harley Davidson Iron and I like the Ducati Monster 696.

    More a weekend toy, have to drive for work. Probably looking at short squirts around town and maybe the occasional Sunday day ride.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. First you want to decide if your cruising or sport riding,
    HD and the Duke are two totally different rides,
  3. I would get the 1200 if I was going to get a Sportster. The Iron is the 883 isn't it. I don't think that the Sportster is really a cruiser BTW its rake is a lot steeper and peg clearance a lot larger than the bigger HDs.
  4. Both would be a blast, but very different styles of riding. Test ride both I guess and see which you prefer.
  5. Thanks guys. I probably asked the wrong question. Probably should be asking if anyone has ridden both and ask for a comparison. I tend to agree with you Vertical C - sportsters IMO are not really "cruisers". More like a an oldschool naked???
  6. Go the 48 ..
  7. Agreed....but the 883 is so SEKKCYYY though! ;)
  8. If you ask me, the seating position on the HD excludes it from true cruiserdom.. I love the forward controls on my Vulcan - I wish they were just slightly more forward so I could relax my knees, but I'm still considering highway bars for that purpose.

    But per the above.. They are very different bikes, and also come from very different places aesthetically aswell.

    Go ride both and a couple of others that take your eye.. Nothing worse than buying something for the looks and finding out you hate it in motion. That's the best part. :)
  9. Thanks heaps for the feedback guys. I realise that riding the bikes will be the decider. Just need to make the time to organise it. Feedback is much appreciated.
  10. I've heard good things about both from people who ride them, I guess it boils down to whether you would prefer riding a bit more on 'edge' (monster) for lack of a better term or in a more relaxed manner (sportster).

    Having a sit on them both you may realise that one or the other isn't even worth a test ride.
    Both are sexy and worthy steeds imo :)
  11. The Harley is more versatile.

    It would double as a boat anchor.
  12. I heard the 696 is the bees knees :)
  13. Costs a lot of Honey to buy one,
  14. The Harley or the Ducati????
  15. True, but the Ducati will probably be more expensive to service.
  16. Thats why I have the Blackbird,It doesn't need servicing,
  17. But it's a Honda.