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Monster Speed Camera looms

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,19450970%5E661,00.html


    A SPEED camera that scans four lanes of traffic at once is under consideration for Victorian roads. The super spy, dubbed The Daddy, has four lenses and two flashes for total road coverage.

    Existing cameras typically have only one lens and leave some lanes uncovered, so some drivers escape fines.
    The new device's memory can store 60,000 images and sends them by broadband link to officials, speeding up fines.

    Special lights take infra-red close-ups of drivers' faces so they can't claim someone else was behind the wheel.

    A fourth lens takes video footage for back-up evidence.

    The Multi Camera System, made by Dutch company Gatsometer, comes mounted on a pole with giant spikes to deter vandals.

    The Australian distributor, Aspect Traffic, confirmed yesterday it had submitted the machine to Victorian authorities for approval and expected to get it within months.

    Aspect Traffic already supplies other speed cameras and recently won the contract to supply 21 overhead cameras for the Western Ring Road.

    Managing director Stephen Gateley said he had signed a contract to supply three of the monster Multi Camera Systems to another state, and expected the rest to follow.

    "A lot of cameras can't see across to the fourth lane, so speeding drivers get away with it," Mr Gateley said.

    He said the new device was more democratic, as it was unfair some errant drivers got away with speeding just because of a lane choice.

    The cameras are believed to cost more than $100,000 each, but collect much more revenue than conventional cameras. They can be set to either face or follow traffic.

    Auto Express editor David Johns said news of the machine would send shivers down the spine of every motorist.
  2. Herald sun poll:

    Should these cameras be introduced in Victoria?

    No: 1900 956 435

    Sorry, yes is not an option :evil:
  3. "Monster Speed Camera looms"

    I'm safe, I don't ride a Monster.....bugger for the latte boys though. :grin:
  4. damn scary that is.

    hmmm why do i have the feeling of 1984 and the true big brother.
  5. I bet they dont put them into blackspots,probably plced inside a school zone :shock:
  6. Never, not worth while putting them in thoses places as they dont give the goverment enough money back.

    Its all revenue. no more no less.
  7. Hmmm big brother. Driving down the Hume from Rutherglen yesterday, noticing all the new cameras set up on both sides of the road.
    They were not there that long ago.
    They even have them on the new Cragieburn bypass.
    Oh they face both ways as well.
  8. Is that the phone number or the poll results ??
  9. Gotta suck to live in Vic :LOL:
  10. Bleah. Gatsos.

    Spew, spew.

    There needs to be some sort of civil resistance to this crap. Some sort of warning signal that's cheap and easy to lay down, time consuming to clean up and recognisable to motorists.

    The spray painted yellow "c" marks 50 metres before the camera trigger points on the Geelong road lasted quite a while and were a great warning. How do we encourage more of this stuff?

    If the government wants to clean up black spots using cameras to slow people down, great! People will slow down a lot more if they know a camera's coming up, and the blackspot ought to disappear overnight.

    Snapping people on the sly doesn't slow anyone down - they don't even know they've got a ticket until weeks or months afterwards.

    It's a pure money grab.
  11. They are looking to add a speaker that blares a 'Tut tut tut' when it snaps a photo.
  12. And if someone crashes into the camera and gets impaled on those deterant giant spikes... Which only encourage vandals to use longer sticks :shock:
  13. Pretty big IF there Loz, my guess what they really want is to pay for the Commonwealth games. :grin: :grin: (not that it is really that funny)

    Bracky's state of speed traps has nothing to do with safety, even if that is a by product. Just take a quick trip up the hume and count cameras, I got 15 on my last count time, most of which are on stretches where 140 km/h could easily be a safe speed ( :-w ).

    Unfortunatly what can we do. We vote and vote, but there are still no resonable choices to vote for.

    And high powered rifles lol.

  14. Who cares, most of the cameras are on dead straight boring bits of road. How often do us bikers speed along them?
    If they suddenly told me that they were installing cameras on the Reefton, then I'd be worried ;)
  15. what a big surprise that it was first presented to bracks and co for analysis.

    btw, how do you get a front image of the driver and a license plate from one pole, regardless of how many lenses the camera(s) has?

    Sniff the renewed frenzy about front plates for bikes can you...?
  16. Ooooh how I wish someone with a sniper rifle would take a ride down the Geelong highway (or road or whatever it is) and take all the cameras out from a distance. Sigh!
  17. That's old news Scumbag, I've been posting those camera locations as they've been appearing over the last 6 months or so.

    So, by having a single camera on the side of the road covering all the lanes, how is it going to see a car or bike when a truck is between the camera and the offending vehicle, I still reckon the single camera per lane is the way to go :roll:

    Don't the camera's on the West Gate Bridge already cover all 4 lanes each way or aren't they telling us something :eek:
  18. Hot damn, how have these blokes not been caught yet?

    I don't reckon it'll lead to a favourable outcome anyway. The government will refuse to lose the battle, so they'll just increase the fines and publicly state that it's an increase to cover maintenance and replacement of cameras as a result of heightened vandalism. Then suddenly MAD comes off looking more like the bad guys than the govt.