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Monster Magic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by trinity, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Winter, I don’t like it; dark when I get home from work, cold all the time & every weekend when I have spare time it seems we are hit with gale force winds or rain, not conducive to riding motorbikes. I find myself in a blue place; grumpy & sad :( . Luckily I have the Monster, I’ll let you in on a secret, she’s magic!

    The Monster has the best note, she’s loud & sounds awesome when you back off, we set off car alarms with satisfactory regularity; 2 yesterday morning :LOL: . She gets the winter blues too; can be a little tricky to start when left idle for more than 4 or 5 days, but once she roars to life the grin begins. Me & the monster like to dance; if you ever see us wiggling around on straighter stretches of road we’re dancing! She’s very forgiving & looks after me when I do dumb things :oops: .

    So one way or another life has been a little beige lately. With a day off yesterday, the forecast was for showers but the skies were clear, 3 of us set off for a blat through some of our favourite roads. I hadn’t gone more than a few kms from home before I was smiling & singing in my helmet (trust me, it’s the only safe place for me to sing), hadn’t even reached the twisties yet. Then the real fun ensued; the roads were clean & dry, the sun was out & there was hardly any traffic out there, just a few cars despatched with ease :twisted: . 300kms later I was home with a huge grin on my face; it’s still there today even though I’m at work, it's Monster Magic!
  2. Haha nice post.

    I love my monster as well...nothing better than waking on up on a saturday morning after doing battle with the morons at work all week and firing her up for a ride through mt. dandenong :grin:

    Ahhh....bring on tomorrow morning!
  3. I'd always loved the way they looked, then one day I stood next to one as it was being started up. Most amazing sound I've ever heard.
  4. Sometimes you just have to put on your jumper, your wet weather gear and head out into the storm. At least the roads are clear because all the pansies stay at home.
  5. I want one :(
  6. There's a belief that a few double shot coffees will cure the grumpy and sad blue place. I think I've seen it work before. Might even get the Monster going. lol

  7. Nice one! :) Those Monster's sound great! I went for a ride yesterday too (see my sig); the weather was much nicer than predicted, and winter is quite beautiful when you get the chance to get outside and just enjoy its softer colours.
  8. Glad to hear you're getting re-acquainted with your Monster Jo!

    Haven't been out for a couple of weeks, got me mum staying with us at the moment, but looking forward for some nice weekend ride outs in the coming weeks.

    Now, when were you coming up here....?
  9. It may be a case of "one of those faces" but I can't help feeling I'm familiar with the location for you your picture mattb. Can I ask where it was taken?

  10. Ahhh...Saturday morning has arrived :grin:

    Weather doesn't look too bad....not very sunny but doesn't look like rain for some time.

    Time to go warm up minibeastmk2 (a.k.a. my monster) :cool:
  11. It's a long dirt road heading south from Mia Mia (Vic).

    Maybe we have some connection on the Astral Plane?

  12. As soon as the money fairy waves her magic wand enthusiastically over my bank account! The Magic Monster is due for service & a new rear tyre.....ouch (that's my bank account). I miss you, have lots of naughty beagle stories about my new nephew 'Bazil' he's a typical beagle :wink: Enjoy your time with Mum XO

    Hope everyone found time to get out for a ride today, suj was right, the weather was not too bad :)
  13. i did :grin: havent had a good spin for sooo long!
    mmmm wish my VTR would set off car alarms :p