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Monster immobiliser Q

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gizzo, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Ok, here's a long shot question maybe someone has come across: My wife's '04 Monster (400 ie) has the factory immobiliser stopped working. It used to flash the security light on the dash but a while back it freaked out, the indicators came on for a couple hours and since then, the immobiliser has quit working. At least it broke in the "not immobilised" fashion so she can ride it. We are content with no immobiliser (she hasn't even realised there's a problem...or that I scratched her mudguard) But would be nice to know what the drama is in case it decides to go the other way some day.

  2. Do NOT attempt to fix this with screwdriver and hammer.....

    Seriously though, I'd suggest looking on Ducati forums and YouTube to see if anyone has same issue and if there is a fix for it. You may need to enter your code while in programming mode to reset something.

    What you don't want is a new dash, it's likely to see you back $1000 or so....
  3. One bad event and you have to frown on 'Tim the Tool Man's' best friends :LOL:.
    Good luck with it gizzogizzo
  4. Thanks guys. I did look on the Ducati forums and saw the immobiliser problems there are the opposite: immoby won't immobilise. At least our still goes. And we have the red key.
  5. You and that chillibutton bloke ought to start a club "The Missus Monster Maulers".
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  6. Start with the basics that involve no implements. Check the plug connections. Unplug and check for (excessive) corrosion on the pins/connectors and clean if necessary. Inspect wires for any wear through covering ( and therefore possible short). Check all your fuses. Then handoff to someone else who knows what they are doing.
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  7. Be sure not to let the insurance company know.
    If/when the bike gets stolen your scratched mudguard dilemma will also be fixed.
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