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Monster 900 vs Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by albi, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. I'd be interested to hear what people have to say about these two bikes. Both are 2004 models, with similar Kms, around the same price.

    Thanks guy/girls.
  2. apples and oranges? :?
  3. I've ridden an -02 Monster (S4) and an 03 Speed Triple if that's close enough...

    They're both good. Let's get that out of the way. It's only a matter of degree, so you aren't going to make a mistake with either of them unless they've got a serious mechanical problem.

    The Monster's big plus is it's excellent suspension (at least the S4 model I rode). You can feel the sophistication in the way it works. Having said that, like most Ducatis it really only works well on smooth roads. It's feedback to the rider is better than the Speed Triple, but that may possibly have also been down to the tyres.

    The Triple has - no question - got the better motor. It just rips. Everywhere in the rev range. Which is also higher than the Monster's. In fairness, the V-twin pulse of the Duc probably gives it better traction when winding on out of corners, but most of the time the Triumphs midrange AND top end makes the Monster feel a just a little bit asthmatic.

    For me, the Monster was just a little bit too low in the seat to be truly comfortable. Shorter people would like it better, taller people less so.

    I would imagine servicing costs will favour the Triumph, fuel economy maybe (just) the Monster. I can't guarantee that.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Great info, thanks Titus.
  5. The triple cylinder engine in the trumpy would have to be a fair bit smoother and more forgiving then the v twin (sorry L twin) duc engine at low revs. This might be a consideration if you do much work in the city. If it was me, i'd go the speed triple any day of the week. But then again, it is the bike i want for my next ride and i'm biased :grin:
  6. It's an unfair comparison. The Trumpy will do everything better than the M900.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. Good comparison there, Titus.
  9. I've ridden neither but I've ridden close siblings of both, with some regularity and on exciting roads. I'd go the Duc, but its a matter of taste: an in-line triple and a v-twin motors are quite different. Both of these bikes will be great performers, but I prefer the sound and feel of a motor pulsating, over high-end sports performance if it involves a smooth multi-cylinder. Do you like screaming or rumbling?