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Monster 696. What did you pay?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Justo, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Long time reader, 1st time poster.

    I'm in the market for an upgrade. My (now) faithful lil Honda 250 to a new Ducati Monster 696. I was wondering if any of you out there could devulge what you paid for yours, what you got thrown in and from where?


  2. Welcome

    Hard to get discounts on new Ducs, just one of the reasosns they keep their value

    You got a couple of choices in Sydney, but on a relatively new model such as the 696 that's selling well maybe try for something off some accessories or work on that trade in value

    Let us know how you get on.....
  3. Don't get one unless the lack of power doesn't bother you.

    I'm considering selling my S4R. 4 months old for close enough to the same money you will pay for a 696. It shts all over the 696 and M11's :twisted:
  4. Yeah no discount on Ducatis. I am selling my Monster 1100 (less than 3 month old and done 1400km) if you are interested. I just picked up the Streetfighter.
  5. How much?
  6. Yeah how much? oh and thanks for hijacking my post with your ad! [-X
  7. I find it hard to believe that no one here knows how to haggle a deal. even if there is no discounts on the bike. Surely places want to sell the bike, especially in winter and especially in these hard times. i dare say they are not just walking out the door. Must be some sort of dealer incentives out there.

    As for the lack of power. Come sit on my 1989 Honda Spada if you wanna talk lack of power.

    i'll be back and let you know how I did. Sounds like the challenge has been thrown down.

    Signing out, King of Haggle!
  8. Mmmmm you have 2 Ducati owners here of which WAY has 2 of the bastards.

    Both of us say Ducati never want to budge on price. Everyone else says Ducati never budget on price. They do this to maintain the resale prices of owners.

    The best you can hope for is to buy a bike when they are doing a clearance sale.

    But hey dude, by all means go and show us how bad we are at haggling. Good luck LOL.
  9. I know a bloke who got really cut about not getting a deal on a new
    Duc. That was 8 years ago & he still mentions it now even though he has gone through 2 other upgrades on different brands.

    I don't understand it, it's a motorcycle: if you want it, buy it. If it's a dumb deal then just don't tell anyone how much you paid for it.
    If you want it, then it can never be a ripoff.

    Life it too short.
  10. From memory 696 runs ~ $15.000 on road....why not consider a larger Duc with warranty for close to the same money :?

    Should you not get the massive discount the Jappers are known for, off a
    696, you could well be thanking the posters :wink:
  11. That is the perfect line, Marx...so true !
    Live today as though it's your last.
  12. I suppose you do that?
  13. Wasn't going to hijack this thread any further, but I need to answer the question!

    Anyway, I was offered $16,700 for trade in (I am happy for anyone to speak to my dealer to verify this and my bike), and I am happy to sell it for anything more than that. I just didn't like the idea of trading the bike in and letting the dealer make more money out of me. In fact I was thinking of keeping both until I realise after picking up the Streetfighter that I would always ride the SF over the Monster.

    My bike has the Ducati Performance annodised red bar end weights, plus Ducati Performance front carbon fibre fender. It has a white body with red frame, only one in Australia as far as I know. I bought a red bike and got Ducati to swap the body panels out of a white bike. See pic below (it hasn't got the bar end weight in the pic). The bike owes me over $21k, so if anyone is looking for one, this is a bargain.

    Sorry Justo for "advertising" my bike here. But I wasn't really intending to sell and this is just opportunistic. Haven't advertised it anywhere else just yet.

  14. Woa. Hold up guys. Im not out to screw the dealers - well not much. And I agree with alot of the posts. Life is too short. In my case the bike is a luxury. And the grin factor cannot have a price put on it.

    I think i was more hoping for someone to say something like "Hi, i bought one the other week, they threw in %50 off my next service, or I got $200 off a new helmet, Speak to such and such and such a place, nice guy and is a true blue good bloke" etc.

    I was just hoping to use this forum for pretty much what they are designed to do: Learn off fellow bikers. And besides, coin in my pocket is better than anyone elses. thats all.

    So let start again.
  15. If you don't like the bike enough to pay for it have a look at other choices. Some people will only buy if they get a discount some will buy becuse they love the bike. If it is the right bike for you it will be worth more than whatever you paid for it. Ducati have also released Monster art so you can keep the factory colours not swap them :roll: and then get something truly unique. about 1000 for solid colours and 1300 for metallics. The 696 may not have huge horsepower but it will still let you lose your license. it also has the torque limiting clutch that the 1100 and s4r don't have wich can make it a lot of fun in the twisties or in town. Availability is a bit of an issue at the moment and Ducati don't offer incentives to dealers to move stock they can't supply. The 696 also comes in satin black which is a uniqu colour in the new monster range.
  16. Thanks quik blat.

    The bike is definately a goer. I'll be getting one becuase I like it. it fact am rather attracted to it, in a non sick fetishing way! Certainly not buying for price. I've read about the mosnter art. Smart cars do something similiar. but obviously no comparison.
  17. As someone who worked for a Ducati dealer, The Dealers are not allowed to discount the bikes. It is written into the dealer agreements, If they get caught discounting the bikes, they lose the franchise.
    And Ducati checks every sale, as paperwork has to be submitted at the time os sale for ducati to check.
    They can discount other items, like accessories and service, but if they discount the bikes, it's pants down spankin time!
  18. Thats a bit scary , It would be called collusion , and is illegal in australia.

    Im sure it isnt written as such in the dealership agreement or there would be accc problems by now, it may say something along the lines of not degrading the visible consumer value and such of the bike/brand..
  19. I called three ducati dealers when I bought mine and got one outright angry response that I even asked for it. Suffice to say, I didn't go to that particular place. The dealer that nicely explained to me WHY they couldn't give the discount got my business.

    If you look at used Ducatis, then you'll see their point.

    I did end up getting a small discount, and not because it was really a discount, but I bought it a week after the official price rise, so they gave it to me at the pre-price rise price. I was fortunate with that, as I was prepared to pay whatever the RRP was.
  20. Not necessarily. It depends on how they setup hte dealerships. If it is setup where you are actually buying the bike from Ducati, and the not the delaer as such, then it is legal. That is, even though you go to a dealer, they may only sell you the bike and basically work for a set payment per bike from Ducati, and the bike itself is actually purchased from Ducati and not the dealer. Miele does this with their appliances. When you buy a Miele appliance from Harvey Norman, Clive Peeters, etc you are actually purchasing it directly from Miele, not the shop, and they are not allowed to offer any discount because the item is actually purchased directly from Miele.