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Monster 696 pricing and styling, your opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mickyg, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. The Ducati website has been updated with the new 696, no price listed though.


    However, in the latest Two Wheels there is a tiny ad near the back which advertises it as being $12,990 for the standard 696, and $13,990 for the 696+ which adds a bikini fairing and a single seat.

    What is everyones opinion of the styling?

    I have heard diehard monster fans say they hate it, but personally I think it looks awesome, especially in white. Each to their own...

  2. I think it looks very nice .... but I'd wait for the SR4 version ...
  3. I like it! Price is about right I reckon, although you wouldn't pay full retail.
  4. i like it, but I would have to change the cans, to something more polished, personal taste there tho.
  5. Well at least it doesn't have that 'every section was designed by a different commitee who never spoke to each other till the bike was built' look that seems to be the norm with Italian bikes at the moment..
  6. Something just not quite right about it

    There, that looks slightly better :grin:
    (I'll let the engineers worry about practicality ;)).
  7. Looks horn! Mostly.........

    Apart from the oil filter and exhaust protruding down below that look like they are just waiting for something to give 'em a touch up.
  8. I think it looks good. Although IMO, it does seem to steal some styling cues from the Brutale & Street Triple.
  9. I'm not a Ducati fan but that's beautiful styling and just the thing for the Duke faithful. I'd lose the "micro-bikini" though.
  10. Looks sort of hunched over, like.... well a monster I suppose :p

    Looks tops
  11. Like the 800's styling more with the white or black stripe offset, small fairing, single sided swingarm and both pipes up the one side


    Unles you have to have a new bike, would go a year or two old 800 :cool:
  12. Me likes very much :) A white Duke tho???
  13. New 696 is yummy.
    I reckon the 696 would be more fun than the other Monsters, just wack on some straight-thru perforated core slip-ons & hold her WFO.
    Maybe drop a tooth on the countershaft sprok, knowing new Ducatis....
  14. Absolutely love it. I want one. Now. :LOL: :twisted:
  15. I think the Street Triple looks better, but I'm bias.
  16. I could go a new 696 :grin:
    Looks better than the triple IMO, but I have no idea which is the better bike.
  17. Looks good, especially in white. Price seems reasonable too.
  18. I am a huge fan of big nakeds and this IMO is the pinacle of design for them. Monsters are the definition of cool urban motorcyling. mmmm white? I probably not brave enough but I do like the 848 in white. :cool:
  19. I agree - Ducati might cop some shite for its image but as far as I'm concerned the Monster is the one bike I aspire to own above all others... except maybe the Street Triple R mentioned in the other thread :wink:

    I'm guess I'm lucky my dream bike is under 15 grand :grin: