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Monster 659 M5

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Morto, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. =D> High guys girls finaly i got my monster . Im happy with it but i feel its to small in size for me as I am 6.2 does anyone else think that of there bike? . Eventually i will do some mods Exhaust, tail tidy, some type of power comander ,and disconect the restrictor . Somone out there would have done this how much more Kwts would that give it .Im interested to know thanks and hope to here from use in the future.:applause:

  2. welcome to Netrider :)
  3. welcome.

    To be honest. don't de-restrict it. has plenty of kick already.
    and in the case of a crash and you go through insurance you will get F'd on or.. you might run into a cop with a bit of know how and he'll book you for it.
    really isn't worth it.
    but definitely get your hands on a set of exhausts and a tail tidy. makes it look fantastic.

    gotta get some pics up as well.

  4. I wil get some pics up soon . your probably right with what you said . I probably won,t But Its my new toy like everyone Im just thinking how can i make it better
  5. Bugger I hate it when someone else gets a toy.
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  6. What were you riding previously? Like to hear more of your impressions of the bike so far.
  7. Welcome n. everyone here LOVE DUCS. FKN LOVES EM!

    I love em!


  8. I love it. Faults; the clutch sounds noisy but standed with this bike I was told and the bike seems too small for me, it's my first bike in years I once had a honda k7 and a kr250 hyper sports.I've just had 1000k service so have not done alot of riding as yet but will soon as my mate gets his out of the shop seems like its taking forever.
  9. Thanks
  10. \\:D/
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  11. Yeah I wouldn't worry about compensating so much.