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Monster 620 owners . . . share me your thoughts !

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. G'day folks !
    Its finally happen !
    The Raptor avatar is gone, and now replaced with Mike from Monsters Inc !
    Its kinda fitting actually, now I have to stop people calling me Mick !
    I'm Mike from now on ! :LOL:

    I figured that Raptors are just too hard to find in Sydney.
    Those in the know are telling me they are nice unique bikes, but hard to find and maybe a headache to service.

    This afternoon I put a deposit down on a Monster 620ie ! :eek:

    So maybe this weekend, I could be part of the Ducatisti family !

    It comes with a 102dB Termignoni exhaust setup.
    I had heaps of fun riding it around Syd this afternoon, the looks from pedestrians and disapproving taxi drivers were abundant ! There is really something else with a red bike with Ducati painted on it.

    So, fellow owners !
    Tell me what to look out for !

    Its an 04 model.
  2. Congrats MIKEY , LOL.

    Can't coment on the 620 ,i have only ridden 620 fully worked ,and i had my eyes shut the whole time.

  3. Brett !
    I think this thing is worked.
    I think i'm doing a Jaqhama buying a stealth Duc !

    I could not get over the pull !
    My arms were going to rip off !

    And the Termignoni exhausts !!! hahahahaha
    I'll teach those Harley and WRX owners a lesson in exhaust note etiquette !

    I noticed a few looks from people riding around the CBD !
    The sound bouncing off the building walls was something else, its time to invest in noise cancelling earphones !!
  4. May I ask how much this will set you back?
  5. Does it have a sui-side stand?
    They may have been removed by the 2004 model. People either love or hate them. You need to make your choice if you have one though...

  6. just under $10K

    i'm selling the cage and getting something cheaper just to drive around when it rains !

    The real test is if I keep my VTR250.
    I'm planning to keep it as a commuter, but i think i'll be finding excuses to forget about the 380km fuel tank range with the VTR. :?
  7. only 102db?????

    Where are the other 25?
  8. i think its more !
    bloody loud . . .. i still have the grin on my face ! :grin:

    Likes so far . . .
    Fuel injection
    Smooth power delivery, although I think its tweaked . . . but i think its because i'm a 250 noobie !
    Exhaust note
    Sexy looks.

    Dislikes . . .
    Useless mirrors ! LOL
  9. Arg, the noise!

    I love to hear bikes going past, the sweet sweet engine noise...

    But when I hear a single bike take off from the lights and the noise irritates everyone around them (including me), its gone too far.. Harleys are the main offenders really. I don't see the point in having an unnecessarily loud exhausts. Keeping in mind I love a bike's roar, as long as it isn't deafening, can someone explain to me why people have to have exhausts sooo loud? Seems like a bit of an extension for something eh? :p
  10. Welcome to the family. :wink:
  11. Once you've owned a twin, you will soon realise :)
  12. Bring the Noise :!:

    On Monday I was whizzing around PI with about 70 other Ducatis. In the next fortnight, I'll be taking off on the Ducati Turismo from Noosa with around 300. (Why not come along?) :cool:

  13. Giddy-up !

    I'm there !
    More details please !!

    I've got an investment property up there.
    I'll make this trip a tax write off ! :LOL:,the tax office says you can claim one visit to your property once a year ! So why not ! ;)
  14. How the hell do you get 380 km ?
  15. Check out www.ducati.com.au
    It's happening very soon, so don't hang about!
  16. dude, i'm serious, its usually 350-360km when fuel cut kicks in, and I can sqeeze another 20km.

    I'm been doing it consistently.

    Mind you I fill right up to the top and always run Caltex Premium 95RON.
  17. I beleive you, just that I only manage to get 280 before reserve. I do a lot of freeway riding so maybe thats why. Im also 100kg might have something to do with it as well. Well done! Sorry to highjack your thread, good luck with the Monster, they look like a nice bike. :)
  18. yes, freeway driving is bad for the poor VTR !
    it screams at 7000rpm doing 100km/h. . . .i've noticed bad fuel economy also when freeway riding.

    I get the fuel economy with commuter riding.
    Shift before 7000rpm when going through the gears, make use of the low down torque !
  19. Had my first sign while in traffic for me to think i'm part of the Ducatisti family now !

    During the ride yesterday going through Mosman, I see a 999R rider going the opposite direction is slow traffic.

    We looked eye to eye, he gave a double trottle pump, so did I . . . then we knodded at each other ! :grin:

    hahahahahaha, :LOL:
  20. hey mate,

    im in a similar situation to you ...i own a VTR250 ...but wanna 'upgarde' to something that will see me through to my blacks ...hence the 620ie ...

    How have u found it ? ... is it just like a bigger brother to the VTR250 ?

    Are ducati services expensive ?

    Thanks for ur time mate!!!

    I too would love to be part of the Desmo Family :)