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Monster 620 LAMS approved?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Dionikon, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Apologies if this has been asked before but the search function didn't tell me much.

    I'm looking at a Ducati 620 as my first bike. Which is allowed if it is a restricted model. The restrictors have been removed by a dealer.

    What I'm trying to figure out is how can I tell from the registration papers etc whether or not the bike is registered as a LAMS approved bike or if it's registered as unrestricted?

    The current owner has said there's nothing on the registration papers other than the registration, and "2004 Ducati Solo". This doesn't really say anything about being LAMS approved or not.

    If there is no way of telling then I will probably by the bike as it seems like a pretty good deal.

    Thanks. :)
  2. Hmm. my rego lable has LAMS on it...
    I'm in vic.
    I'd check the bike rego with the road authorities of your state.
  3. So that's on the label on the bike? The seller couldn't check the bike itself when I spoke to him.

    I'm in VIC too so I'd assume that his would need to have LAMS on it too for it to be registered as LAMS.

  4. yep, i've got LAMS printed on the rego lable.
  5. If it's a restricted version (they sold both down here), the rego sticker will specify 'LAMS' on it. If there's no 'LAMS' the bike isn't restricted and you can't get it sadly :(

    You're looking at the right kind of bike though! I had an M600 for my first bike and I reckon it was pretty much the perfect learner machine.
  6. Doesn't sound promising, but I'll ask the seller tomorrow to check the rego label.

    Thanks guys
  7. FWIW - NSW is the same. LAM on label and registration papers.
  8. If it doesn't have LAMS on the rego sticker, as has been said, it is not LAMS.

    If the dealer has removed the restrictor & notified VicRoads, it can not be registered as a LAMS bike.
  9. Yep, that's what it seems like to me too. Bummer.

    However, after speaking to VicRoads Call Centre they seem to think that as long as it is a 618cc engine it doesn't matter. LAMS label or not. The whole thing seems very much open to interpretation.
  10. They're lying, don't trust those idiots in the call centre. Its a maximum engine capacity with a max power to weight ratio (which the bike exceeds when unrestricted, otherwise why restrict it?), and LAMS must be listed on the label for you to legally ride the bike.

    You will be fined if you are pulled over regardless ofthe information a poorly trained operator provided.
  11. Quoted For Truth
    (because QFT is too short to be accepted)
  12. I Love the Ducs and looked for ages for a 600 when I was on my learners but couldn't find one :( ,
    the 400's looked and sounded great too but were way out of my price range ...

    So I settled for SID , a black GS500 ,
    who taught me a lot while I was on restrictions and has now made way for the Gixxer that I have adopted .. lol

    One day , just one day I may get that Duc I wanted ..
  13. Why not?
    If someone else can have a MV.......:LOL:
  14. I'll put the same 2c in here that I have every other thread of this nature...

    The restricted 620's (as far as I know) come with 30hp on tap. This makes for a less than inspiring ride and you'll be bored with the thing long before your P plates expire.

    I would, however, recommend a Ducati 600SS from the 1990's. A friend recently got a 1997 model with low kays and kindly offered me a ride. I was impressed with its stability and presence on the road, as well as its comfort. For a learner legal bike it was also quite quick - more than enough to have fun with on trackdays and through twisties. This is coming from a guy whos owned the bikes in my sig - none of them are particularly slow. While the Ducati 600ss may not be a total rocketship, its certainly got enough power to keep you interested.

    It also struck me as a nicely finished bike, and the ergonomics were well thought out. The fairing provided decent protection and I could easily see myself throwing over some panniers (after protecting that nice finish with something!) and heading off for the weekend. Cruising was effortless due to the adequate torque through nearly all engine revs. One thing I found to be somewhat 'out there' was the very light flywheel effect - this makes taking off a bit hairy if you are used to bikes with a more relaxed nature, but is otherwise of no concern.

    All up, I was impressed with the bike and would recommend it to others... as long as they are aware that Ducatis are expensive to service and a biatch to work on should you plan on doing it yourself. All this is compared to comparable Jap bike, of course, such as the Suzuki GS500.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. Considering the fact that my only previous riding experience has been riding Honda Dreams around northern Vietnam and Malaysia I decided that the Monster was for me even with the restrictions. :p

    Since starting this thread, I've found, and bought a Monster 620. You can get a 600 monster (unrestricted) which is the same as the 600 SS essentially (both LAMS approved). But I decided on the 620 because it is fuel injected rather than carb'd. I love it, sounds and feels awesome, starts first time every time, and it looks awesome (much cooler than an 600 SS).

    Reliability and maintenance wise I can't comment, I'm sure I'll find out soon enough but for now I'm stoked with my new toy.

  16. Awesome stuff mate, good to hear. Hope you have a ball.

    Cheers - boingk
  17. Congrats mate!, I'm sure you'll love it - I absolutely adored mine.

    That said...