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Monster 600 first bike...yeap.... I'm doing it

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tristan82, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Ive seen one...... Should i??? Are the carbs that much of a pain? Is the servicing that expensive? should i fork out the extra dosh on a restricted 620? Whoa is me, what is a boy to do?

  2. Do what ya want.
  3. Of course you should get it

    maintenance costs are nothing like what sceptics say

    you`ll love it, i`m sure....its a wicked little all-rounder

    or, get the 620 ( and de-restrict it ).....with a set of sticky tyres, you`ll be impressed with the handling....

    2cents, over and out
  4. The major appeal of these bikes, given the engines are complicated, fairly gutless and they're expensive used, is the looks.

    Will you still be happy to ride it with gravel rash scored down one side, scratches across the engine cases, tank, exhaust?

    I'm not saying that will certainly happen, but if you think you'll cry and hate the bike if it does, it's not the best purchase. I know I wouldn't want to ride a cosmetically damaged ducati, not even for half the price of a pretty one.

    Learners make mistakes. If you think you'll be ok with the consequences of these mistake, then sure, get the monster. Personally, I wouldn't want a Porsche as my first car.
  5. lol @ you

    I own a 620 super sport...its an aircooled twin...the only complicated thing on it is the desmodromics.

    The servicing isnt that expensive at all, and they are a fantastic reliable motorbike....especially on your l's. Its a great torque based bike, for your L's and P's. I wouldnt call them gutless...especially for an L's bike.

    For a learner, there not gutless at all...i still own mine, despite getting an 06 cbr 1000 rr for the track/road. And i think the supersport looks wise has the rest of the L's crowd smacked down.

    Where abouts in newwy you from Kols?
  6. It's no SOHC. You can't entirely service it at home.

    Yeah, I'm no power obsessive, but when a ten year older, SOHC, Single cylinder i.e. Yamaha TTR600 only makes ten horsepower less (53 vs. 43), they're not spectacular value in the performance stakes.

    To their credit, they do last a long time.
  7. I disagree. I dont service mine myself, because i prefer to have the servicing done and on record at frasers, where my uncle works.

    If we are talking the 620, the 620 makes 61hp unrestricted. 71 claimed with pipes, thankyou euro 3.

    I think its important to compare them to other lams sports bikes, its only competition is the rvf 400. In terms of ease of use, the twin, is alot better than a revvy 4 for a learner.
  8. So you disagree you can't service it at home? Your statement is confused. :?
  9. Nah, there are plenty of other LAM's sports bikes that are comparable to the ducati- Hyo 650, SZR660, CB400, Any of the old 80's 400-650cc straight 4's that are on the lams list. The SV650 and GSX650f are available as LAMs bike now, and far higher spec than the Ducati. Even most big dirt bikes with sticky tyres will go very hard, and then you have the LAM's motards like the DRZ400sm.

    If you compare it to any of these bikes, year for year, mile for mile, they're a lot cheaper than the duke. 2 year old dukes are asking more than the sticker price on a new SV650.

    Having said that, I'm not saying don't buy the ducati, I'm just being honest that the major appeal of these bikes is the looks, which makes them risky as a learners bike. Don't buy something you'll hate if you scratch it, during the highest risk period of your riding career. Cosmetic damage also devalues them like crazy.
  10. Whatever!! whatever!!! I'll do what i want!!!

    I'm getting one... Had one interstate checked out and it passed with flying colours, a mint 2001 monster 600. 12000 loving kays on the clock.

    pics up when money changes hands.

    Have your "I told you so"'s ready
  11. then why bother coming here and posting "should i?" :?
  12. Don't you watch south park? ah well.

    I thought i'd get it because theres a chance i could have it for a few years and i wanted a full size bike since i'm 6'2 and a bit of a fat bastard.

    Personally I'd rather pay a couple of grand more for a bike like this than low km zzr or gpx 250

    Its in perth and im in adelaide, now to resist the temptation to fly over there and ride it back.

    Let is pray for a stack free L plate existance, let us pray.
  13. Do it!
  14. Ducati's are very cool and if that's what you want then do it!

    The ride back from perth would be a good shakedown cruise :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Didn't I see you on Maurie Povic? :p


  16. yeah its only about two and a half thousand kilometres!