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Monster 1100(s) vs. Guzzi 1200 Sport HELP

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mowster, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. :tantrum:

    Monster; Loads more fun in the tight twisties, lighter, and still with accessories available like panniers etc...
    But with only 15L fuel tank???

    1200 Sport; Solid, still sporty, better for distance work, 30-40 kg's heavier, 23L fuel tank...
    Some possible issues about shaft-drive; sourcing the correct transmission oil, and backlash adjustment?

    I wanna bike which will be a riot in curvy roads, but still be ok for longer rides.

    I had a couple ducati sportsbikes and loved them, but open to other suggestions.....

    BMW K1300 R or S ?????
    Honda VFR800 ?????

    Rider is 75kg, with gear on!


  2. I reckon I'd go at the 1200 Sport.
  3. The Guzzi is 229kg dry and is ment to be an excellent handling bike, although surely it would feel more like a tourer compared to the featherweight monster?

    If you like ducatis and want to be comfortable, maybe a multistrada (and a blindfold :LOL: ) would do the trick?
  4. Hang out for the new multistrada???

    I did some of the roads behind cairns today, and was reminded how much fun a lighter, more chuckable bike can be...hhmmmm