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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 99sydrd, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Hey, just got home from work, i seen this bloke pop a mono today, he must of being traveling about 140km/h, it looked awesome.
    Just a low 30 degree mono , cool as a cat. for about 300+meters.

    How do you do them, not the one when you take of , but the monos when you cruising along. I tried it on the way home , dropped into 5th and then hit the gas as hard as possible but it just propelled me forward.I was sitting on about 100.I'm thinking it could be the bike, but mostly likely me ?
    Anytips. If i can pull of a mono like that it will really impress the boys.

  2. Mate your bike is about 60hp short doing it that way :LOL:
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  4. You expect to power wheelie in 5th? :p

    Start at about 25kmh in first, sitting back in seat. Throttle off completely then instantly yank full throttle. It'll come up, just have your foot over the back brake ready to bring it down.

    Learn that first before attempting clutch.
  5. Yep, some of the vids on youtube are great.

    As for power wheelies in 5th, it's never going to happen for you. Start of in first at about 30-40 kph, quickly cut the throttle and jam it back on. Start off gently then add more throttle as you get more confident. You'll have power up wheelies going in no time. :)

    I take no responsibility for crashed bikes as a result of my encouragement, but it is fair to say that doing wheelies makes you cool. :cool:

    Edit: Sorry phizog, I started replying, walked away, came back and finished my post, only to find you'd already said it all. Oh well, consider me confirmation of good advice. :)
  6. wheelies are cool until you dislocate your shoulder 2 weeks before a major competition :(
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread but i was just wondering if you can do a decent sized mono a pushie (mountain bike) using back brake and all is this a good step to learning mono's on a motorbike?
  8. Good step to learn the dynamics of it and get used to finding and holding the balance point.
  9. The guy was probably in second gear and for 300 meters at a low 30 degree angle, man he must have had some serious weight on the back of the bike or a shitload of power.
  10. Terry Calcot made the news in MCN when he completed a 172.9mph wheelie for a kilometre on a modified GSX-R1000 at Elvington, Yorkshire in September 2006.

    I bet he was in second gear too :p

    Absolutely. See my link above.

    I myself really suck at it though. My record so far is about 15 metres (on a pushie that is), but I'm getting better :) The trick is to find the balance point and then, yeah, you can pretty much wheelie all day long :grin:

    P.S. While I was practising on a mountain bike yesterday I had an 8 y/o kid go past me on his little pushie. He wasn't pedaling. And he was going uphill. On his back wheel. He's officially my idol now :LOL:

    That's called a manual by the way. And it's bloody hard to do...
  11. [​IMG]

    I need sleep :facepalm:
  12. This is how you mono:

  13. I said second because it sounds like a second gear wheelie where the front wasn't high enough to be able to shift to third without the front falling down.