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Monos on a 250 - where/when/how?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, May 9, 2005.

  1. Come on. Own up. You're 18, you've just bought a shiny "new" CBR250RR (actually R) from Sumotos, and by sheer luck you've managed to pop the front wheel while changing from first to second.

    Have you managed to wheelie a 250? What bike were you on? How fast were you going?

    I haven't, but then again I've never tried. I'm sticking to my "Piss orf it's a two-fiddy" excuse when challenged at the lights.

    And I don't mean stoppies. I saw a stoppie on a bloody 250cc trailbike at the license course two weeks ago. Unintentional, of course, and he was walking a bit funny afterwards :)
  2. 2

    I got the front whell of the old ZZR off the tarmac once, but only by about 25cms and only for about 5 metres or so. Haven't and don't think I will try with this ZZR
  3. Don't know about a 250 but I could pull some pretty impressive ones on my little MBX80LC
  4. * hit about 15 kph
    * rev the SHIT outta the bike
    * drop the clutch
    * shit yourself as the wheel lifts completely out of control
    * panic and grab the front brake
    * realise as the front wheel lands that you probably shouldn't have grabbed the front brakes
    * perform a 8.5 point lowside
    * scrape your knee and hand and cry over the scratched farings on the new RRRRRR
    * go to your favorite forum and brag about your 120kph wheelie and battle scars from stacking it cos of a freak gust of wind

    :D all you need to know :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Hey hey. I know how to do a wheelie on a 250. I'm asking if you've done one.'

    Coconuts: you forgot the bit where the Range Rover behind you "accidently" runs over your pride-and-joy.

    Because, of course, you were practicing at 5:30 PM on Kings St in the city.
  6. The answer is "no, I haven't". And I prolly never will, well not on porpoise. Not enough balls you see, I just like to encourage others to do stoopid stuff then laugh at the results.
  7. My front wheel has gone off the ground... thats a wheelie? allthough it was probaly only like 20 cm... but still its a start.
  8. I'm nowhere near good enough to try a mono, but I was in quite a state yesterday afternoon when I let my fat bastard uncle ride my bike (I've only had her a month) to see him get the front wheel off the ground not once, but twice, and not necessarily on purpose. My poor little spada. He was fanging her, helmetless, around the back streets and causing me anxiety. I gave him a bit of a lighthearted mouthful afterwards and he said "well, I didn't even red line it..."

    GOOD! Don't redline someone else's bike fcuker!!

    never again.

    anyway, sorry for my slightly off topic response. Just needed to vent.
  9. Now y'see where I'm coming from here :)
  10. Being a 2fiddy anything that involves wheels leaving the ground is going to hurt the poor little things; but that said... a bit of excessively quick clutching has seen my front wheel pop up on a couple of occasions. Its usually launching off the lights and letting the clutch fly that little bit too quickly.

    Other amusing moment was whilst test riding a Hyosung Comet and completely forgetting that i just swapped from a rev-happy-torque-less-4-pot-screamer onto a mild-mannered-gutless-slightly-more-torquey-V-twin. Came to the second set of lights, made the same noises although slightly lumpier as i revved it to take off, different friction point, more torque, whooop... up she goes. As quickly as it went up, it also came back down... and a nice little ballet sequence and some twinkly stars; curtains down at the matinee. The Nutracker.
  11. Mono'd my uncles old dirtbike. Was great fun until the front wheel fell out of the forks :shock:
  12. bwahahhahahahhahahahah :LOL:

    thats classic, know how it feels tho, i did it once on my pushy. going over the handlebars is never a pleasant experience i've discovered a couple of times on the pushies :LOL:
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  15. the GPX is AWESOME for wheelies :D it doesn't need to rev half as hard to get up there as the inline 4s and its got a fair amount more weight over the rear wheel, so yer, its a great 250 wheelie machine :twisted: suprised the crap out of me when i first tried it :LOL:
  16. I've done 4 or 5 on my zxr250c.

    First two would have had front wheel only bout 10cm up.

    next couple were about 30cm (1ft) off the ground.

    The last one i did got it up about 60cm for about 2 secs. Scared the crap outa me. I kept thinking, keep the wheel straight, keep the wheel straight!

    And yes ociffer they were on a private road with appropriate safety gear etc etc.
  17. First time was accidently on an old RD250......thrilled my kids and scared the crap outa me
  18. Agreed - the GPX can pop the wheel fairly easily... comparatively. Plenty of clutch slipping, but it's not quite as murderous as a 4-pot screamer.
  19. the ZZR250 did it relatively easily enough... :)
    wasnt looking at sky or anything. just looking to see what happens when you have severe loss fo traction from the front wheel :LOL: