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Mono on an MV

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. I think this has to go down an the strangest thing to come out of MV Agusta...


    It was sold recently and the current owner has this to say about it:

    "This MV Augusta 60cc Monomoto Superleggera is the experimental machine ridden by young wealthy Italian Luiggi Bandini, during practice for the 1954 Milano-Taranto Road Race. Bandini tragically lost control in a misty mountain section, while waving to a pretty spectator. His grief stricken father, Count Enzio Bandini, “The Falcon,” never again permitted anyone to ride or even view this advanced design, and knowledge of its whereabouts faded. Eventually, rumors of this fascinating machine reached the motorcycling bon vivant Todd Fell. On a trip to Naples, Italy, his quest to find it was rewarded at the Bandini country villa, where in 2004, fifty years after the tragic accident, the late Count’s family was persuaded to part with the treasure.""

  2. ???? Surely there's something lost in the translation? :-s

    It's an odd looking thing.
  3. looks strangely like the picture in kampa77 profile
  4. Didnt some guy recently get some sort of award for thinking of this?

    Perhaps he wasnt as original as he thought.
  5. The full quote from the catalog...