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Monkey Bones - Pro Lever Guards - Product faulty?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Swift, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Yes, the seller should inform you of any product issues

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  2. No, its upto the customer to check the product is working correctly

  1. #1 Swift, Jan 14, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2016
    Hey Riders,

    Just wondering if anyone has had the Monkey Bones - Pro Lever Guards fitted to their bike? I bought a set of these $59 lever guards and after three rides (not day rides only ~1hr rides) ONE OF THE LEVERS HAD FALLEN OFF! So i inspected the levers and it turns out there's a grub he screw underneath that secures the guard in place separate to the bar end bolt that holds it to the bars. Anyway, im pretty pissed that the guard fell off somewhere as you would think it would handle vibrations from a motorbike or at least they would give you a hint that these screws need loctite... Anyone else know of this product or had similar experiences?

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  2. Hmm, 1st post after 9 years as a member. That might even break a record?

    You raise a good point, but fact of the matter is, if you install yourself, you, and you alone are responsible that the works up to scratch.

    Maybe it was never tightened properly, and maybe it really needs locktite, dunno.

    Did you manage to find the lever, although I assume its scratched to the sh!thouse now.
  3. Yeh its been a while between forum visits, my bad :-/
    Didnt know there was the option of tightening these hex screws or else I wouldve done all the above... i wrote to the business and gave them friendly advice that it would help if there was some advice in the packaging to inform customers of these hex screws and the need to check em. After backtracking a few times no luck was had on said lever.. just not sure it's worth the replacement now or I just ride with one lever guard only.
  4. 10 bux this is OP
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  5. Nice pic @Bitstar!!
  6. Ummmm.........
    I think you're missing something here.