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Money was spent, mistakes were made.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scrambles, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Well, after all this talk of joining the V-squad our very own MickyB took the plunge and picked up a snazzy super-stylen' number

    After some sweet talking Micky persuaded me to buy his Duc, which is fine, as I needed something to rest my feet on when I watch TV

    So will this unnatural union last? Will Micky be spending all his money on ape hangers and leather chaps? Will I get the shits with the Duc and leave it at Road Warriors? Will Ktulu fall off again?

    Time will tell my brothers. Time will tell.

  2. omg he didnt did he?

    onh and completely off topic are you and ktulu definately heading down for the bright weekend?
  3. Crap! I don't believe it! :rofl:
  4. Speedfreak: At this stage I am but Chris is not.
  5. Bullsh*t I dont believe it either :shock: :LOL:
    You have to admit that Micky does look hot with his pants tucked in to his boots :rofl:
  6. Bahhhh humbug :LOL: I dont believe it either !

    proof required in future pics :p
  7. Nup, definitely telling porky pies I reckon [​IMG]
  8. #8 Scrambles, Mar 10, 2007
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  9. at least it matches his sunglasses :cool:
  10. He doesn't already?

    In the time it took you to read this post, Ktulu will have fallen off 5.67 times. And for only a $1 a day, you can help.
  11. Is this at BikeBiz Parramatta?
  12. It's a keyswappers party...
  13. I have only seen one Ducati rider attired in leather chaps. They came around me at the very beginning of the 2004 Ducati Turismo during the rat run out of Launceston. I was curious and wondered what the potato was.
    After a while when I realised that they weren't as confident in the twisties I came in front and it looked as if they would be happy to follow me.
    Eventually, we came to a stop and refuel in Wilmot at the famous, very first GJ Coles store.
    I was pleasantly surprised when they removed their helmet. It was a lady Heidi. Mmmm very nice. :grin:

    So, Micky if you really hanker for those leather chaps, you will be amongst very esteemed company and you donot necessarily need to change teams. :p
  14. OH MY GOD!


    you're on a dyke bike now mate!

    (am i sleeping?)
  15. We call them "party at Scrambles" here
  16. Yes.

    Nice to see the Power Ranger Armour getting an air-out, Scrambles ;)
  17. Chicks dig it.

  18. Nancy bloody armor.

  19. Tell your mum to stop calling me.