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Money oh money, where for out thy money

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Demaros, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. (dont think i got the title quite right :))

    OK, my problem is this, I'm paying off a bike that's gonna cost $3300 and i can't ride it until i pay it off, and I won't pay it off for another 2-3 months :(

    My question is this, how could i get that kind of money ASAP so i can start riding? I've tried personal loan (haven't work for long enough), thinking about getting a mastercard, and i'm not selling drugs.

  2. You're better off waiting the two or three months. Seems like an eternity I know but it's better waiting that paying the interest. While you might have your bike, it might take you and extra month to pay off if you take the loan or the mastercard. Chances are though, you'll only pay the minimum and it'll take you two or more years to pay off. Wait out the time, it'll save you in the long run.
  3. have sex with middle aged women while their husbands are at work and their kids are at school. In other words, become a pool cleaner.

    2 Jobbies for a short while? Night fill at coles?
  4. Yo're right about the title. The correct quotations is..
    "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Deny thy father, and refuse thy name"

    And actually, it has nothing to do with Juliet not knowing WHERE Romeo was, which is the way it is often portrayed.

    "Wherefore" means "why" and she is asking why is he Romeo? Why does he belong to one family and she to another when the two families are fueding?

    (end of brief Shakespeare lesson)

    What about a part time job? Console operating, shelf stacking?

    I don't know your situation or anything, but that could be a possibility.

    Hope it gets better anyway.

  5. well my situation is that i have a casual job in construction, so far i earn around $1000 a fortnight.
    I don't mind paying interest :D

    I'm itching to start ride so bad.
  6. Well a shelf-stacking job at woollies would be a possibility then.
  7. If you get a loan for your bike now you will have a debt for a long time to come (last time I was debt free was right before I bought my first bike years ago). This is not the cheapest thing to get into.

    Don't forget to factor in getting full protective gear, pay for that first then worry about the bike with the change you have left over.
  8. totally

    but dont rule out the pool thing by any means
  9. Stay away from credit cards and loans (unless its a house of course). Just bide your time , its WAY cheaper.
  10. Have as little debt as possible... and if you do end up having some... pay off the smallest (usualy with the largest intrest) first!! than use those repayments to pay off the next one and so on...

    Tipical family has a credit card at %16, personal loan or a car loan at %10 and a house at %7.. if you knock off the two big ones and use the money that went into repayng them in rapaying the house... you'll own your own shed* in just a fiew years!!

    *yes my house is SO cheep it feels like a shed...
  11. If dealing drugs and a personal loan is out of the question I'd suggest learning patience.


    You need to factor in about 450 for rego, a grand and a half a year on insurance and another grand at least on your gear.

    My advice would be to take on a shitty casual job for a few months and putting everything from towards the bike. You'll be better off in the long run, debt free, and left with more cash in your pocket.
  12. so wheres the "here you can borrow $3300 from me" post.

    I have a few debts already (ie: fines,etc) that i need to pay for slowly and i haven't got my l's yet or any of my gear. So by the time i get it all i'll be 19 by then and that just won't do.


    I was talking to my mate from work about credit cards, he's got a $11k limit on his credit card and he's had it since he was 18 (he's 25 now) and he said that its really good to have IF you CAN budget your spending.
  13. but you aren't looking for $3300 you are looking at around $6600 with rego, gear, insurance, license courses etc. And that assumes that the bike is in top nick and won't cost anything to get roadworthy, nor the servicing its going to need. So you may well end up maxing out the card before you get anywhere.

    Seems like the budget is already blown out of the water doesn't it?

    Better plan is to work towards your goal in stages. Get the gear, do the license course and save for the bike. The all in approach isn't good for the back pocket.
  14. hmmm perhaps your right, i just hate my sh!$%y 1984 Holden Astra and i need something to actually change in my life. The last 6 months has been the absolute worse in my entire life and i need something new.
  15. Ha! Thats what i do! See my sig' below...... :LOL: :p
  16. You're in construction, right? So, talk to the people at the places where you've already worked, and see if they need on-going maintenance. You know the sites, you know the work that was done, you are already half-way there to earning some extra money.
    What other saleable skills do you have? When and how much free time do you have? HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU SPEND ON FAGS AND BOOZE AND EATING OUT?????
    You can.
    1. lower your expenses
    2. increase what you earn from your existing job
    3. supplement your existing job with part-time work
    4. get a better paying job.

    Consider the possibilities.
  17. Yea i'm in consturction but i build and pull down expo...thats it lol
  18. I suggest my four points still apply, though. Think about it anyway.
  19. will do and thanks again to everyone for the advice...see you's at coffee night :D
  20. Talk to your boss, perhaps you can do salary sacrifice? Company pays the bike off for you and you agree to pay them back at a cost of having a lower net salary.