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Money I didnt need to spend

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Roaster, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Vent, not a near miss.

    Thank you SO much to the dude who reversed into my bike and knocked it over. This considerate act was only surpassed by the kindness you showed in driving off before I got back and not leaving any contact details to take responsibility for your generous gift.

    Much appreciated.
  2. Sorry to hear, selfish bastards like this seem to be so common nowadays it's beyond a joke, hope the damage isnt too bad and that you can get them identified somehow, was it anywhere near shops cctv cameras or something that can help?
  3. What pricks... :( Some people are real bastards...
  4. What a ****'s act. *sigh*
  5. yeah I had a quick scout around for cameras but didnt see anything. Might go check it again.

    Made a report (just in case they need it for insurance purposes or whatever) but the guy at the station said there is nothing they can do sadly.

    It was parked right outside an optometrist, but ironically the guy didn't see anything.
  6. Line of the day, so far.

    sorry about your bike though, low-lifes...
  7. lol.. made my day :)

    sorry to hear about the bike mate hope you find the tosser and repay the "gift"
  8. i had someone do that to me on my two-fiddy.. they walked past me when i was walking into the shop, they were leaving. Got in their car, knocked my ride over, got out and stood it back up then took off.

    I come out, don't immediately notice any damage. As I'm suiting up, a guy from an adjacent shop comes running up to tell me what happened. Gave me a description of the vehicle but no plates or names or anything.

    I remember the guy from seeing him in the shop, so i went back into the shop and told the staff what happened, they pulled up his details and handed them over.

    Went to the cops, they rang him and advised I was looking for his number, and reluctantly he gave them permission to give them to me.

    Got a professional quote and slogged his insurance for $1200 bucks after the repairer deemed the guy at fault had "failed the attitude test".


    Bad luck tho mate, really..that sucks.