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Money guru predicts Aussie dollar will hit $1.70 by 2014

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lornetkowiec, May 11, 2011.

  1. Can you imagine this...

    While many believe the dollar will dip later on in the year, Toscafund chief economist Dr Savvas Savouri told the Australian that it could reach US$1.30 by 2013 and US$1.70 by 2014, as demand for Australian resources in China and India continues.

    "The simple fact is the appreciation of the Australian dollar will be extraordinary," he said.

    ANZ's chief executive Mike Smith agreed.

    It's already cheap but it would be ridiculously cheap to buy from the USA. Would the bike gear industry in oz survive? You would literally be paying triple in stores here if this happens

  2. Distributors are already feeling it. They're all getting behind Gerry to have the GST put on any good imported over $200 bucks. Farkers wont pull their fingers out and start offering goods here at a reasonable price the dickheads.
    Accessories and service is where the bike shops make their coin. I wouldn't be hoping on much discounts anymore buying a new bike.
    I am doubting the Aussie $$$ will go about $1.20 US myself. If it gets that high it will be worth China and India's to risk buying off less developed and trustworthy nations.
    And for both China and India to keep growing someone has to buy their product. They buy the raw goods but sell a manufactured product. America and the UK are in the shoite up to their necks and sinking lower. And both these nations will drag other nations down with them. Mothers.
    GFC, Pacific fire rim going off and almost 2012. The bloody Aztecs were right lol
  3. I doubt it. Prices in US will go up. It's already started happening.
  4. Frankly, if the US is in that much shit, I don't think we'll be quite as afffluent as we are now either. Economic forecasting has a tendency to make meteorologists look good.
  5. Yup, If the US dollar sinks too much then it will become more expensive for US stores to buy from overseas wholesale and their retail prices will follow suit.
  6. very doubtful, but a top rumour, all the same.
  7. there's talk within the ski retail industry of charging customers to fit boots. they realize people are coming into the store only for a sizing with the intention to purchase o/s because of the huge price differences.

    the fitting fee would be reimbursed/deducted from the total once the boots were actually purchased in-store.

    perhaps, the m/c retailers will be looking at such a thing?
  8. Sounds like a really big call, eventually things seem to even themselves out so the savings would be somewhat negated by increasing prices as Lilley said.