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Mondays are bringing me down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by templemonkey, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I was riding to work this morning when I was struck by a car.

    It was just a regular morning start. When leaving my house I have a routine where I let the engine warm up part of the way and then I ride gently for a couple of blocks. By the time I reach the main road the engine is warm and I can proceed a little more briskly.

    Anyway, travelling downhill I pass through a roundabout two street away from my house while am still gently warming the engine. I took it even slower than usual as the overnight rains had left a lot of runoff dirt through the intersection. So, as I enter the roundabout I see a P-plater approaching the roundabout from my left. It was 8:20 in the morning, the sun was out and my bike is one of the models that has two headlights lit up rather than one. 'They're bound to have seen me' I thought.

    Apparently not. The car wasn't even travelling very fast at the time, she just didn't stop. I was almost clear but she clipped the end of my swingarm. The bike ended up sliding on the right hand side, leading to some damaged fairing, indicator and exhaust. There is also the point where she hit the swingarm, it may need replacing.

    Talking to the driver (my opening line was something along the vein of 'How the f#%@ did you not see me?') after the collision she claimed that she hadn't seen me at all because she was watching a car on the other side of the intersection. Pretty weak - at the time I entered the roundabout there wasn't anything approaching from the right. My suspicion is that she was on the phone (which of course I can't prove)

    Anyway, right of way was clearly mine (I entered the roundabout from her right, already in the intersection and she struck the rear of my bike) so its just an insurance claim. She didn't know the details of the insurance though as it was her parents car - there may not be any! Just as well I shelled out for comprehensive. I was a bit shaken at the time so although I got her number I forgot to write down her rego.

    One thing that annoyed me was her claim that she was 'such a careful driver'. Heard the exact same phrase from another driver last Monday who backed out of her son's driveway without looking and rammed my car which was parked on the other side of the street.

    Take care amongst the cages - because they aren't.
  2. :( Tough luck there mate dosnt matter how careful we are we still get hit,thank goodness that you are ok shame about the blade gettin hit :mad:
  3. Sucks about getting hit! :( But it will hopefully teach you the lesson of expecting (car/trucks/buses etc-whatever vehicle) drivers to do the worst and ride to that expectation. No matter whose fault it is, that does not matter. Being on the bike, we come off second best usually no matter what.

    Hope at least ended up with details from her (and hoping they were correct!)??
  4. Guess she can't use that excuse anymore.

    Good that you didn't get injured though. Hope all goes well with the claims
  5. One golden bit of advice my man gave me was 'ride like they never see you. especially in roundabouts.... In Sydneymate,it's mental... You've gotta have like 4 eyes to watch everyone at once and somanytimes they don't see me.
  6. no good TM. take care out there and pleased you're ok.

    bugger. i've been in 2 low speed car accidents over my 20 years of driving (rear-ended at 20ks in the wet) and one more major accident last year. unless i'm dead i get their rego - no matter how shaken and no matter how much they're blasting me for their mistake (men!), i stay calm and get their rego. useful habit to get into and good lesson to learn early on!
  7. Don't plan on making a habit of it :grin:
  8. First and foremost thankfully you are ok, and it might pay you to contact the police and explain you have her name but no rego so they may at least get that for you to give your insurance company incase she does decide to be nasty. As you are covered comprehensively your insurance company can do all the chasing and muck assing around for you. Good luck hope it all pans out ok.
  9. That just gets into the ultra paranoid thing of not entering a roundabout because someone else is approaching it - which is where the person behind you rear-ends you because you are slamming on the brakes for no apparent reason. In this case I had entered the roundabout while she was still approaching.

    I can try to compensate for other people as much as possible but it wasn't clear that the other driver was oblivious to me until it was too late to do anything about it. If I had tried to stop I would have been t-boned instead of clipped. If I had gunned it more I could have lost it on the slippery surface and been recorded as a single vehicle incident.

    It happened - not my fault.
  10. I find roundabouts to be the most dangerous for me, i always go very slow around them if a car is anywhere near the roundabout, i think they are just too complicated for some drivers, best to see what they are going to do first, id rather go through slow, and know im safe. Even if the driver is looking at you, sometimes they just keep coming, i dont know why, i must be invisable!!!
  11. Damn man! Does this mean your bikeless for a while?

    You can borrow Terror but she is un-insured :p

    Take care mate!
  12. Fark Neil.

    You have a really bad time with cages.
    Good to hear you walked away from it.
    Bikes can be repaired and replaced mate.
  13. Man that really sucks the big one! Sorry to hear about your baby getting damaged, at least your ok though. And good point you have insurance aswell. Good luck with chasing her up for the repair bill mate.
  14. If you suspect she was on the phone, tell the police that. They will ask her service provider for logs.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. man thats sux. was she pretty?
  16. That is a very valid point
  17. Big thanks but the damage is cosmetic (except maybe the swingarm might be replaced as a technicality) I am still riding it and getting a quote tomorrow morning. Got some legal advice so pretty sorted although I did get some more criticism for not getting her licence details etc.
  18. Ummm, bit young for me but yeah.
  19. WOT A BUMMA. More to the point,that paricular driver is typical of todays young drivers who lack a sense of responsibility and should not be on the roads. they do not give a %#&% about anything else around them except what they are doin! accidents happen, but. all we can do is keep doin the right thing ,hey.
  20. So...... Can I have her number? :)