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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Feeling glum :(

  2. I'm still feeling unemployed :(
  3. Poor vic.

    Here, have some Karma.
  4. Don't worry Vic, I'm employed and feeling glum...:cry:
  5. Having a croissant at 10:30.
    (My local coffee shop has the best croissants.)

    Might even stretch to a full strength coffee, too.
  6. Feeling just fine thanks! :)

    Had a great weekend and it's not raining. That's as good a start to a Monday as I can hope for.
  7. feeling not too bad.. going to the docs for a sick certificate soon... and to get him to look at my foot.. still hurts like buggery, and is quite purple.
  8. I'm a bit bleary-eyed from watching the motogp at 11:45 last night. Thank god Casey Stoner didn't get a win, or they would have played the 250's first :LOL: main race coverage finished at 1am, which has got to be a record for channel 10.

    i'm cranky and I haven't had my juice yet... and now my nappy needs a change :cry:
  9. First day at work since Tuesday last week. Still coughing up lungfuls of yellow goopy crap, trawling through mountains of pointless drivel on my fave motorbike forum (this one :D).

    Feeling great, think I might go crack a can of coke and spark a ciggie. Anyone care to join me?
  10. thought i could smell something :!:
  11. It's Mondaly.
    I'm at work.

    Bloody hell, I'm still drunk!!!!!!! :LOL:

    I have a very weak hold on reality right now..... :?:
  12. if your feeling down , get on and take it out on people here :LOL: that should lift your spirits :wink: :LOL:
  13. In the words of Groundskeeper Wille:

  14. I'm another bleary GP-watcher. (Thanks for nothing, 10!)

    And I'm another one feeling crook and coughing up crap. :(

    Good MotoGP race though! :D How did young Casey fare in the 250s?
  15. just had a chuckle
    D1ck wicks underlays are on special , on TV
    just love that name :LOL:
  16. Met up with my one of my ex girlfriends on the weekend and met her new boyfriend. Its my ex-wifes birthday today.

    One of the aspects of my job that I really love is setting fire to oil samples and setting up controlled explosions.

    Ah, destructive therapy :D
  17. 4th :-(

    18 mins to croissant time. It'll probably be awful today, though. The Gold Blend will be empty, leaving Blend 43. The milk will be off. The kettle will be broken. I'll spill it all over my suit. Probably fall over somewhere along the line, too.

    *sigh* :-(
  18. ... and my clock is out ... :-(
  19. still in bed. should have gotten up 2 hours ago. but it's still cold out :p
  20. :-(