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monday sippers are great

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, May 31, 2010.

  1. as the title says they are the best , having a couple of cold ones while everyone else works , life is good

  2. i'm having a beer WHILST i'm at work. it's been THAT bad a day FFS *rant rant rant shoot up kill destroy*
  3. shite mate , ur work is driving u to drink
  4. my work is driving me insane
  5. thats no good at all pal
  6. yeah. i'm working on 3 things at the moment that could very much change how i work, how the place operates or change where i work...

    always have one or two back ups :)

    currently i'm just picking up after everyones mess. i'm like their goddamned mum. today, the psychopath asked me to do some of his work - i told him i wasn't his mum. he won't be bothering me again :)
  7. keep the rifle in the safe

  8. ...bastard!!.... :cheeky: